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Investor State Tribunals: The Trans-Atlantic Partnership AGREEMENT

A huge collection of federal corporate agents that we call “senators” and “representatives” will soon be jumping in front of Lame Street Media camera’s just for the chance to tell you how this new agreement will create thousands of new jobs.  And it will!  Only not here in the US.  These same corporate puppets will poo-poo the idea that this corporate government agreement will render our laws null and void against marauding corporations.  They will tell you that it will boost states economies to have foreign investors buying land and exploiting resources.  They will tell you any lie they think will make this sell off of our country more palatable.  And, by the time most of you figure out you just got sold out and sold off, these same liars will have taken retirement so that they can spend more time with their families.  (Oh! be still my heart!)

What this agreement will effectively accomplish is the eradication of national jurisdiction, national laws and protections and put disputes in the hands of lawyers who also expect to profit from their misdeeds.  It will sell off our land to foreign corporations and governments and firmly establish sovereign foreign territories inside the geographical US. akin to the current Free Trade Zones (257 zones) now operating across the states.

How’s that global economy working for ya?

Another massive blow to the American economy,  The Trans-Atlantic Partnership, an agreement between the US and eight other countries is looming on the horizon.  The corporate agreement, chock full of “investor rights”, is far worse than even the NAFTA and CAFTA treaty’s which began the whole sale push into fascism.  These agreements hold the rights of investors above those of the state or individual.  Both allow corporations and even governments to sue us if we have environmental protection laws or any other thing in place they claim hinders them from making profits.  The little catch on this is that they can sue for profits they say they might make if the laws or what they deem barriers, were not in place.  Since these are future forecasts for events and situations that have not yet occurred and are only speculative, and may not occur, it is apparent that this is really just a cash cow that is being milked regularly.

Federal corporate agreements are exactly that.  These are agreements struck between the corporation operating as government, under fraud, as the United States a.k.a the United states of America, or USA Corporation.  The federal corporation is not bound by the constitution nor any provisions regarding the treaty process.  All trade agreements are corporate contracts.  These are not ratified treaty’s per the constitution.

The (TTP) is actually an international corporate agreement which voids sovereign jurisdiction in environmental protections, health, food, pharmaceuticals and virtually any other thing you can think of.

This agreement also allows for the sale of public lands here in the US so that foreign investors can access and profit from the resources. The coming all out sale of public lands to foreign investors will in effect, see major areas of the US, now held as scenic waterways, national forests and other high resource areas as owned and controlled by non-American corporations and possibly even governments.  This agreement exposes the reasons for the federal government’s ongoing taking of lands from the states and claiming it as owned and controlled by them while also claiming they are taking the land to “protect” it……from us.

Already we have seen the Department of the Interior (DoI) via the Bureau of Land (mis)Management, lease out or sell outright, the access to public lands for mining and oil and gas drilling particularly in the Western States.  Not only have our wild horses been slated for eradication from the preserves set aside for them, but our cattle ranchers in the West are also being driven off the land and grazing permits limited or retracted as the land is cleared for foreign ownership and exploitation.

It also explains the Forestry Departments mismanagement of our national forests and the continual closing of public access roads into those forests.

The refusal to allow local or national companies to access the massive timber stands in overgrown and mismanaged forests is explained when you realize that what has actually happened is that the forests were allowed to be overgrown in order to construct a saleable and massive logging/timber inventory.  As long as the public has access to those forests, the federal government cannot sell it as it exists as a public trust.  Once access is denied, it is now viewed as privately (government) owned land that can be sold at will…..along with all the timber.  What is not readily sold and exploited will be handed over to the UN to manage as “wildlands” holding it in reserve as other forests and lands are exploited as the UN Agenda 21 regionalism plans are implemented.

But here’s the real clinker in all of this.

Just how are these tribunals staffed?

See: Public Citizen:

  • The foreign tribunals would be staffed by private sector lawyers who rotate between acting as “judges” and representing corporations suing governments, posing major conflicts of interest.
  • The leaked text includes provisions that submit signatory countries to the jurisdiction of both World Bank and United Nations investor arbitral tribunals staffed by private sector attorneys. The international tribunals that currently rule over investor-state claims lack public accountability, standard judicial ethics rules and appeals processes. In this system, private sector lawyers rotate between roles as “judges” in disputes brought by investors against governments and as advocates.
  • Foreign tribunals empowered to order governments to pay unlimited cash compensation out of national treasuries.
  •  Even when governments win these cases, they waste scarce budgetary resources defending national policies against these corporate attacks, as taxpayer funds must be used to pay large hourly fees for the tribunals and legal costs (Article 12.28).


We are being systematically de-constructed as a nation.  Once this agreement passes, we will no longer own major portions of our land.  Land is all we have.  Everything comes from it one way or another.  Our wealth as a nation is derived from our land.

So I ask again…..How’s that global economy working for ya?  Still think this is about free trade and capitalism?  Your land is being stolen by the federal government, sold to foreign investors and other governments for exploitation as they pay for government protection and privilege.  Do you still think that if corporations are regulated and limited it will somehow prevent you from getting rich?

Believe me, you don’t stand a rats chance in a deacon box of surviving this as anything more than newly created, impoverished third world peon.


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The Forest Service is at various stages of updating road designations in dozens of national forests across the West, including the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest that covers more than 6 million acres of Nevada and eastern California, including a good chunk of Elko County.

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