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Mike Dubrasich has been a practicing professional  forester in Oregon since 1975.  For the last 31 years he has been a private  consulting forester specializing in forest biometrics.
Mr. Dubrasich has organized three different  consulting firms and served as Oregon Chapter Chair of the Assoc of Consulting  Foresters of America. He is author of “A Guide to Innovative Tree Farming in the  Pacific Northwest.” In 2007 he founded the Western Institute for Study of the  Environment, a non-profit educational website teaching environmental stewardship  and caring for the land:
Mr. Dubrasich recently founded Give Us Our Land Back: 
Give  Us Our Land Back is a civic coalition spearheading the Petition to De-Federalize Oregon Lands.
We seek redress of grievances as authorized by the First Amendment to  the United States Constitution. Our grievances are:
* Our public lands rightfully belong to the Counties of  Oregon,
* We deserve, indeed are Constitutionally  guaranteed, the same rights and privileges afforded other States,  and
* Federal trusteeship over those lands has failed  catastrophically, damaging our environment, our economy, and our social  integrity.
The redress we seek is transfer of title and jurisdiction of Federal lands  to the Counties in which those lands lie.
to contact us:
or Call:  320-281-0585 Skype