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Linda Kincaid joins the show to discuss the ongoing abuse of elderly victims at the hands of California’s probate system.

Bio:  Linda Kincaid

Linda Kincaid has a Master of Public Health from UC Berkeley. She has been an occupational safety consultant in Silicon Valley since 1990. Linda became an elder advocate after her mother (Carol Hahn) was abducted in 2010, then imprisoned and isolated from loved ones for 15 months. Linda’s mom is now allowed visitors, but an abusive conservator still denies needed medical care.

Since 2010, Linda has learned that elder abuse of the type experienced by her mom is alarmingly common. As well as advocating for her mom, Linda is also advocating for a San Jose victim of a very similar situation. The Santa Clara Public Guardian has isolated Gisela (Giselle) Riordan for over two years. As of today, Gisela is not allowed visitors, phone calls, or mail.

Linda will discuss the parallels between these two cases. Linda’s mom is the victim of an abusive private conservator. Gisela is a victim of an abusive public guardian. In each case, a residential care facility for the elderly is enforcing unlawful isolation ordered by the abusive conservator.

As time allows, Linda will also address probate laws in California that give the Public Guardian unconstitutional power over conservatees and establish a financial conflict of interest.


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