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Cap & Trade really Cap & Scam

One of the most insidious schemes to come out of the District of Criminals, has to be the Cap & Trade global tax scheme.  C&T is nothing more than a system of taxes in a massive pay to play scam.  While many believe Cap & Trade will reduce pollution, save energy and make the whole planet “go green”, the truth is the only thing that will be greened up is the bank accounts of various elected officials who have prostituted themselves and their offices along with the money managers at the IMF and world bank.

Cap & Trade does not call for emissions reductions.  Various businesses just have to pay for the privilege ofEPA a threat polluting the air, land or water with whatever noxious and toxic material their particular business produces.  That is of course, unless you are in the oil and gas production businesses in which case the EPA has generously spared you from having to comply with even minimal clean water, clean air or any other environmental concern.  In fact, the EPA was so generous to these guys, YOU cannot sue THEM for polluting your water, for devastating the land or for any other damage or harm they cause while drilling their way merrily through landscape.  These are really, really special people and the EPA has not only bent over backwards to accommodate them, they did hand stands and backflips and a fair amount hiney hugging in the process.  The oil cartels reciprocated by keeping the EPA awash in funding provided by their good buddies inside the beltway.

But for the rest of you, you need not worry too much.  Just pay your Cap & Scam taxes and you can keep rolling without changing a thing!  Here’s how it works:

Company A’s business dumps 2 tons of pollution (name your poison) into the air each day.  A total of yearly emissions is calculated and “carbon credits” equaling that amount are issued to you for the year.   Let’s say these credits amount to 100 carbon credits.  You pay your carbon tax, (only we don’t call it a tax we call it a Credit) and you can pollute at the same rate as you always did.  This is far cheaper in the long run than updating your system and maybe putting in scrubbers or something irritating like that in your stacks. 

But let’s say on Wednesday, one of your smoke stacks topples over and your business is now only producing half the pollution it paid for?  What’s a guy to do with all those unused carbon credits?

No problemo! You can sell your unused carbon credits to another business who might want to pollute more than they currently are, or you can sell them to a new business that will produce emissions also.  You can’t lose!

In fact, if for any reason you find your business unable to use all the carbon credits it was alloted, you can have them auctioned off to the highest bidder!  It gets better!  You can also bid on available or unused carbon credits and increase your level of pollution!  This has got to be the deal of the century for environmental polluter’s, Wall Street and the global bankers!


“The scam is the proposition that the diversion of hundreds of billions of dollars of economic resources, with much of them falling conveniently into the pockets of Wall Street investment banks, the U.S. Climate Action Partnership, and similar special interests, can prevent climate change or even mitigate it enough to pay back a tiny fraction of the money so wasted. King Canute, on the other hand, was honest enough to admit that even his royal command could not prevent the tide from coming in.”

On April 11, 2011 the president signed the Cap & Scam bill into law. Congress used its standby enforcement agency and shipped it over to the EPA to implement by regulation.  The EPA, which is causing devastation to the environment all on its own with its Agenda 21 attacks on private property rights, is really busy these days busy attacking private property owners over fabricated regulations emanating from the EPA itself.

Republicans just as excited as Democrats to pass Tax & Scam

Cap & Trade has to be one of the most insidious schemes ever devised to extort businesses globally and, like most perpetual motion machines, will continue to generate extortion revenues for the federal corporation for what appears to be eternity.  It is however, a really good deal in the long run for those whose businesses profit immensely from trading off paying an additional tax for the privilege to pollute, as opposed to updating and streamlining their processes.

That ain’t your air you are breathing! 

Oh! And one last thing for all you out there who might complain about air quality in and around your home or property.  In all likelihood, the air rights (that is the air that moves above your property) have been purchased by corporation X under what is called developmental rights which supersede and are separated from property rights.  In fact, you have no rights to anything, or to control anything other than the dirt your home sits on.  Developmental rights are sold separately, having been severed from the land contract and your deed.  This means that the noxious emissions from industry are declared legal because industry paid its Cap & Trade tax (bought its credits) from EPA and they can now pollute at will……even if it kills you!….as long as they don’t exceed the value of those taxes…I mean “credits”. They can continue to pollute to their heart’s content.  And they do!

Some of you may have figured out that Cap & Trade, environmentalism and going “green” is all one big giant scam. None of it makes any sense.  What should be happening is not, and what should not be happening is.  In the end, it is our land, water and air quality that will suffer and we will suffer right along with it.  Of course you can lay all this off to the phony global warming scare that then got converted to “climate change” after all the manipulated science was exposed.

I can not help but think of Al Gore right now.  He must be beside himself with joy seeing his fabricated “global-warming” routine taken to such heights as this evil global tax scheme premised on his fabrications begins to crank the money machine.


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