Gary Jacobucci/  PPJ Contributor


Breaking  the Chains of Suppression

Awhile back, I came across the video of a debate between a proponent of nuclear energy and a detractor. It was titled What the world needs now is nuclear energy; true or false?

The detractor was mainly making a case for wind and geothermal and the proponent was making the case that nuclear was the only way to supply abundant energy.

I had to reflect back on the life of Nicola Tesla.

Savants are to genius what genius is to rudimentary consciousness; they are super conscious. Like Beethoven and Mozart, they are listening to symphonies already completed; they are simply the channels for the creation to manifest within the creation. Nicola Tesla was such a person; Tesla was accessing the new physics that would have placed this world into a whole new timeline; a new reality.

This was over one hundred years ago and, over one hundred years ago, the intention to not let this world evolve confiscated Tesla’s gift to the world. This was a crime of consciousness.

Tesla was a white hat that took us beyond Maxwell’s law of thermodynamics that says you can only get the energy out that you put in by pointing out that we live in an electric universe; and that electric universe can be tapped into.

J.P. Morgan was a black hat who became the financier for Tesla’s creations. When Tesla told Morgan that he could provide free electric energy to everyone on the planet, Morgan replied “you’re not going to milk my cow for free” and promptly replaced him with Edison. Tesla was seen as a threat to the control that Morgan wanted over the power grid. Tesla died a pauper in NYC; all his research was confiscate following his death and the ‘new physics’ has been covert and under the control of international financiers ever since.

Morgan was a bestial looking fellow…

The motto of the ruling oligarchy… “Control the money, control the world.”

Electrical engineers were taught Maxwell’s laws of thermodynamics that were put forth during the Civil War era and physicists taught that we live in a nuclear universe.

Enter the Nuclear Age.

If white hat consciousness has prevailed, uranium would have been left undisturbed, there would have been no deep well drilling for oil, no fracking for natural gas and no nuclear power. There would have been no disaster in the Gulf; no Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disasters; and more than likely, no world wars.

The crisis in consciousness that the black hats took us into was reflected in a gathering that took place at Bohemian Grove in California shortly before the United States entered WW2.

Five Jewish scientist, led by J. Robert Oppenheimer, performed an occult Kabalistic ceremony at the Grove that initiated their intention to transform uranium into plutonium (alchemy). Following this ceremony, on October 9, 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt approved a crash program to develop an atomic bomb; the ‘Manhattan Project’.

After the war, America was sold the idea that nuclear would provide unlimited, safe, clean energy. Another white hat scientist, Albert Einstein, looked at the nuclear power plant and deemed it “a hell of a way to boil water.”

This heaven and hell, life and death, good and evil drama being played out is reflected in something Robert Oppenheimer said later in life reflecting back on a commemorative speech he gave following the successful test of the atomic bomb in White Sands. New Mexico. Oppenheimer said that, as he was giving the speech, a line from the Bhagavad-Gita was playing in the back of his mind… “I have become death, the destroyer of worlds.”

One could speculate that the Kabalistic ceremony in Bohemian Grove was not just alchemy, but about opening a doorway into this world; as much of satanic ritual is all about. The Oppenheimer’s are one of the 13 ruling families of the Crown Council.

The point being, there is much more to nuclear than the superficial issue of generating electricity – this is a crisis of consciousness.

A recent article describes the current state of affairs… U.S. Army General: The Whole Northern Hemisphere is at Risk of Becoming Largely Uninhabitable

On a positive note, Tesla wrote a letter to Marie Currie saying that he could cure her of the radiation poisoning she was dying from in her experimenting with radiological medicine. Apparently, he saw the way to ‘transmute’ radiation back into a harmless isotope. This too was confiscated.

2012 is all about raising the level of consciousness on this planet and breaking the chains of suppression… and in this we must persist.