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One of the greatest threats we face today is what many refer to as the “Food and Death Administration”. (FDA) Far from being a protector of the public health, the true intent of this agency was revealed in the ongoing senate hearings regarding S 3187.

The American public has become increasingly alarmed over the use of the word “modernization” in connection with anything coming out of the District of Criminals. Modernization generally means we are about to get another federal corporate agency expansion that will subject us to foreign agreements, which will grossly infringe on our rights to be left alone by government, and, which will effectively militarize some federal agency against the public. These “modernizations” generally conflict with constitutional protections and grossly expand or create enforcement arms of various agencies.

S 3187 is primarily concerned with increasing the pay-to-play administrative fees; in other words they are going to charge those who contract with them more while at the same time shortening the time it takes to get all pharmaceuticals approved. Well! My goodness! That is exactly what we need to do. We need to fast track the approval process for more drugs that kill, harm and impair the public.

Sen. Tom Harkin (D) IA, introduced the bill claiming it had broad support and acknowledging that they had a great deal of input from stakeholders: THE PRESCRIPTION DRUG MANUFACTURERS, THE PHARMACISTS, THE DRUGSTOREs. He also claimed that consumer groups were involved in the process.

The FDA as it exists today and has existed for decades, is a blight on America. This agency has single-handedly been responsible for the deaths and harm caused to unsuspecting people who trusted the FDA when they allowed various drugs and vaccines to be used on the public without adequate testing or even reviewing what they knew to be skewed and flawed testing from their contractors.

How many ads have we seen on TV for drugs that include statements to the effect that the drugs can cause everything from blood clots to strokes, heart attacks, sudden death, vomiting, brain bleeds, muscle spasm, permanent muscle injury, Crohns disease, tremors, dementia, just to name a few side affects. And the FDA allowed these drugs on the market with their standard “safe and effective” guarantee? And what is the penalty for death or disease and impairment, to the manufacturers? There is none!

Just imagine trying to advertise a dietary supplement or herbal remedy that included these kinds of side affects, or any side affects!

Let us look at Vioxx as an example of the special treatment provided to one of the largest “stakeholders’ in the FDA. Vioxx killed an estimated 70,000 people and injured more than 250,000.

Whistleblower Dr. David Graham, in testimony before the US Senate, estimated 88,000 to 139,000 Americans experienced heart attacks as a side effect from the drug, and 30 to 40 percent of these died. That would be an estimated 27,000 to 55,000 preventable deaths attributed to Vioxx.
Approximately 70,000 people died from Vioxx.

How many people went to jail or were even prosecuted for these deaths? NONE. Did the FDA close down MERCK for even one day? No? But if they can close down the company you get your supplements from, it would be a great day at the FDA for them and their “stakeholders”.

Just imagine for a moment, what would happen if a dietary supplement caused the deaths of 70,000 people. Do you think the manufacturers would be walking around free? Would the product still be on the market? Would it be withdrawn with no perceptible penalty of any kind?

Even the medical industry’s JAMA noted the discrepencies in reporting and concluded FDA had to be aware of the misrepresentation regarding Vioxx.

The JAMA editorial notes that the “manipulation of studies and misrepresentation of study results could not have occurred without the cooperation (active and tacit) of clinical researchers, other authors, journal editors, peer reviewer, and the FDA.”

Not only were no pharmaceutical agents, employees, CEO’s or scientists charged with any of the 70,000 deaths associated with Vioxx………neither was anyone in the FDA who participated in the approval process.

These kinds of incidences are routine with the FDA. This agency is not concerned with protecting the public, only with increasing its revenue streams and its control of the markets. Section 1102 of this bill also calls for, wait for it………..public-private partnerships! This is the colluding of pharmaceuticals with a federal agency; the pharmaceuticals now having a vested interest as “stakeholders” in what is portrayed as a publicly owned agency, but is in actuality a privately owned federal corporation. Once these partnerships are established, we will have no defense whatsoever against the criminal activity of the FDA and its partners. We have virtually none as it is.

So, yes! By all means! Let’s expand this dysfunctional agency, speed up the already defective approval process and give their agents guns to threaten the public with.

Even if you believe for one minute this agency is not malicious in its intent, consider this: This bill includes a call for the FDA to have ARMED agents and would make them able to perform arrests without warrant or even any actual evidence of wrong doing. This means that armed federal agents from the FDA could trespass onto your property with no evidence of any wrong doing and literally blow you off your front steps for any reason, or no reason at all. This of course avoids the fact that for any federal agent to approach any private citizen for the reason of investigation or any other reason, especially on private property, they must first coordinate with the local sheriff. This would require that you have a sheriff who honors the constitution and his office. Here in Minnesota it appears we have none of these sheriffs which should make Sen.Amy Klobachur really happy.

But in response to this militarization of the FDA, Sen. Rand Paul offered this amendment, and his speech on the floor of the senate included a statement to the affect that the last thing we need is FDA agents armed with AK 47‘s operating at will. I couldn’t agree more.


S.AMDT.2143  Amendment SA 2143 proposed by Senator Paul. (consideration: CR S3501-3506; text: CR S3501)
To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act concerning claims about the effects of foods and dietary supplements on health-related conditions and disease, to prohibit employees of the Food and Drug Administration from carrying firearms and making arrests without warrants, and to adjust the mens rea of certain prohibited acts under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to knowing and willful.

This amendment passed 72 vs. 28 May 24th. It was tabled (meaning they will no longer work on it) but this still does not mean they will include it in the final version of the bill that is passed.

We saw the USDA expanded and militarized under the fake food safety bill, and now they are doing the same thing with the FDA. How much more of this is the American public going to stand for? These agencies are a threat to the country no matter how you look at them and exist solely to protect and enlarge corporate partners. We would be better off to revoke the corporate contracts that USDA and FDA have with each state and run the bunch of them off. The states could handle their own business and are quite capable of doing so.

In fact, I truly believe that the economies and the safety of the various states would be far more secure if the federal government and its henchmen got the hell out!


May 24th CSPAN of Debate on FDA

S 3187