Debbie Coffey


“This COCKAMAMIE BLM “Drought Management Plan” is just another example of the mismanagement of our public lands by the Bureau of Land Management.”


May 16, 2012

Mr. Douglas W. Furtado, District Manager
Battle Mountain District Office
50 Bastian Road
Battle Mountain, NV 89820

RE: Public Comment on Battle Mountain District Drought Management Plan

Dear Mr. Furtado:

I urge you to implement the No Action Alternative, so that your office will do an Environmental Assessment (EA) for each proposed wild horse roundup.  Since the BLM has a mandate to protect the wild horses, the BLM should haul water out and provide forage before an emergency, and avoid rounding up the horses and foals born out of season (due to PZP), so they don’t drop dead running in the heat.

If you anticipate a drought, make plans to haul water out to the wild horses and livestock.  It’s a lot cheaper to haul water than to pay millions of dollars for roundups and to put ranchers out of business.

Regarding 1.1 Purpose and Need, which states:

“The purpose of the EA is to analyze alternatives that would allow for the rapid response to drought in order to alleviate the impacts of authorized uses and activities on natural resources that are at risk of being adversely affected by drought. More