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The PPJ Gazette

Marti Oakley


Many of us are aware of the planning that has gone into our demise as a nation. Never have the efforts to keep us divided, to keep us in the mind set that we are opposed to our neighbors and friends, even our families, as this video entitled:

“If I wanted America to Fail”

Tracking this video across the web I see that it has been picked up alternately by both liberal and conservative sites, with each claiming the points made in it, are insidious plans by the other.  I have news for you……what the man in this video speaks about was committed or condoned by liars and thieves, both liberals and conservatives alike.

Anyone who is still deluding them selves into thinking that outside the District of Criminals, their political, philosophical or religious beliefs mean anything, needs to re-assess their thinking.  The left/right paradigm is a fiction.  It only works as some kind of reality when you give it life by claiming you are on one side or the other.  Still, it remains a useful fiction used to deceive and to manipulate you.

As long as you can be manipulated into thinking that you are fighting your neighbor, or maybe another religion, or possibly political ideals, and that unless you become aggressive, vicious, malicious or otherwise threatening, these supposed enemies will “win”.  What they will actually win we are not sure of…..we just know they will win and somehow we will be cheated out of something we wanted, or thought we deserved.  It might be that our version of God will lose and their version of God (which we like to believe is Satan) will win (they think your version of God is Satan too).

Being regulated out of existence

The video points out that massive regulations created by lawyers, lobbyists and politicians make life nearly unbearable for all of us.  At any point in time, due to massive regulations issued by unelected beauracracies, we could all be considered felons.  These are federal corporate agencies, operating outside the constitution under contract law.  And, these are corporations created and empowered by both liberal and conservative politicians alike.  They are funded and empowered by both liberal and conservative senators and representatives and presidents from both supposedly opposing political party’s.

Your job appears to be doing your part to keep yourself seperated from others in your community and keeping the fictional opposition alive and well.

If I wanted to destroy America……the first thing I would do would be to convince those who listened to me that I represent them and their interests and then betray them while claiming I was fighting hard for them.  It wasn’t me who betrayed you…it was them…over there. Go after them.

If I wanted to destroy America……..I would lock down the political system so that you had only two choices which amount to the evil of two lesser’s, and then deride you because you supposedly made the wrong choice and now the growing misery in the country is you and your supposed political party’s fault.  All the while I would gloat over the fact that you had no real choices because both candidates selected for you were selected because they were on board with your destruction.

If I wanted to destroy America………Oh!  the possibilites are endless! But I would be actively pushing legislation that took away your freedom, that made you the enemy of the state and I would tell you it is all because it is the only way I can help keep you safe.  While you cowered in fear, more of me than of any unknown foreign terrorist, I would be celebrating my victory over you with the other criminals in the District.  We would have (have had) a grand party at your expense.

The point is there is a party somewhere……only you weren’t invited.