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Cassandra Anderson returns to update us on the ongoing efforts by Dow Chemical to begin the use of Dioxin (the main component of Agent Orange) on selected crops grown from seeds engineered to be dioxin resistent.  The contamination of our food supply with a known poison has been approved by the USDA.

Dioxin once introduced into the human body,  remains in the  body for generations: in many cases, being passed on from the exposed parent to the child.

The use of dioxin resistent seeds will expose humans and animals alike to the dangerous affects of dioxin poisoning.  Dioxin based herbicides will also kill off any surrounding vegetation for generations.  What regrows after exposure to dioxin is seen in the former jungles of Viet nam.  Viet Nam is also an example of the human generational damage from Agent Orange.

Also directly affected are the veterans of the Viet Nam war.  The VA and the feds have admitted that exposure to dioxin by our vets, has caused heart disease, diabetes, birth defects, tooth decay and loss and more than 100 other physical ailments.

And now they want to use it on food crops?


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