Obamacare: SCOTUS won’t save the day


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Having talked with numerous individuals about the case in the Supreme Court challenging the individual mandate which is the pivotal constitutional assault in Obamacare, I found it curious that there are people out here who actually believe SCOTUS will do the right thing. After all, most of us are very aware that this KILLED BY SCOTUSmonstrosity of a bill is clearly unconstitutional on many levels and the Supreme’s will surely point that out and strike it down, won’t they?

But then I got to thinking…….why is it that they will not have a ruling until June sometime?  Why will it take these supposed experts months to render a five-minute decision?  Most of us knew before this assault on the public was passed that it was unconstitutional…….but these legal constitutional experts don’t?  They have to decide if it is or not and it will take them a long time?

I am also waiting for Elena Kagen to recuse herself from hearing the case on Obamacare.  Her past, but oh so recent, affiliation with the president should disqualify her from sitting in on the hearing or contributing to the ruling.  Of course she never recused herself when the issue of the birth certificate came up either.

I can only speculate that Kegan is following the example set by Clarence Thomas, former Monsanto attorney, who refused to recuse himself from cases involving Monsanto.  Gosh….I wonder how those turned out?  Oh! That’s right!  Monsanto got everything it wanted.  Imagine that!

What is the enabling clause for Obamacare?

When Nancy Pelosi claimed it was being passed under the commerce clause, then had to back track and claim it was under the taxation clause, because although the feds can tax they were never supposed to be involved in regulating commerce within the states, no one said a word.  In fact, the claim that the fines that would result if individuals refused or could not afford the artificially bloated insurance rates that are the result of Obamacare, were actually taxes but would not be treated as taxes, should have sounded an alarm.  Pelosi and the criminal gang on CRAPital Hill never batted an eye even after they were caught with their constitutional drawers around their ankles. More

We are All Branch Davidians Now


The Best of Anthony Gregory

Recently by Anthony Gregory: Noninterventionism: Cornerstone of a Free Society


Nineteen years ago, just outside Waco, Texas, the FBI demonstrated once again that the state at its core is a killing machine. Monarchy, democracy, or republic – any government as conventionally defined is a legal monopoly on violence. The state is always inclined toward oppression, division, conquest, and bloodshed, because these are its tools of trade.

Matters are no different here. The myth of a free America was always seen with bitter irony by those not blessed by such freedom. In the founding generation, as half a million labored in slavery, many who fought in the Revolution genuinely believed in liberty, but for the ruling elite who chided them on, liberty was hardly more than a slogan. This has always been true of our political leaders. The Father of the Country was a centralizing slaveowner. Old Hickory talked up freedom as he threatened war on South Carolina and forced the Cherokee to flee from their ancestral land on a barbarously murderous walk of shame. The Great Emancipator turned America into a military dictatorship and abolished the revolutionary right of secession. Wilson’s New Freedom was cover for a Prussianized war machine generating revenue for his profiteering buddies on Wall Street. Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms failed to include the freedom not to be drafted or interned in a concentration camp. Ronald Reagan threw the word freedom around as he trained Latin American torturers and raped the Bill of Rights in the name of fighting drugs. The United States has never lived up to its rhetoric.

But the events from February 28 through April 19, 1993, still stand out in my mind as a watershed. It was the post-Cold War regime’s coming of age, signifying a major event in cultural history.

Everything about Operation Showtime was brazen, and it seemed like an overreach even by some of the government’s establishment defenders. Yet today Washington’s fixers must look back at these embarrassments as a hiccup at most, as growing pains on the way to establishing a militarized law-and-order apparatus of nearly unlimited power. That this stepping stone was reached on the eve of the Internet era, right before the old media began its decline in influence, was most convenient for the police state and its solidification.

The propaganda against the Branch Davidians was perfectly tuned to appeal to the masses, each adjustment in frequency coming just in time to keep the people listening. Religious fanatics with a meth lab, armed and dangerous, abusing their children – few wanted to stand up for these people during the siege. Even fewer wished to identify the Davidian response to the original raid for what it was: self-defense. The Davidians fired on the ATF so long as the ATF fired upon the Davidians, and when the ATF ran out of ammo, the Davidians held their fire. The government’s officials were the aggressors. What followed were fifty-one days of psychological warfare designed to isolate the Davidians – from water, from food, from the press, their lawyers and family – and break them down like any wartime enemy. More

Putin Reveals Water Engine to the World


Gary Jacobucci/ PPJ Contributor

April 20th, 2012

Fiction (a projection for the future)

Russia Today: In a game changing move, Vladimir Putin’s Minister of Energy in the Russian Federation revealed the water motor at the Moscow International Energy Symposium. The energy minister stated that while more exotic forms of energy generation exist, hydrogen from water will provide the needed transition away from the global dependence on petroleum, coal, natural gas and nuclear and into an age of enlightened energy generation.

At the symposium Russia revealed many of the applications of the technology, including a water fuel cell conversion of existing combustion engines to run off of hydrogen from water. The estimated cost of the conversion is estimated at $2,500 a vehicle U.S. and the estimated mileage is 100 miles per gallon of water.

In an interesting turn of events, several children of the elite banking families were also involved in setting up the event. Speaking to RT, Samuel Rothschild was asked “Why Russia?” The 23 year old Rothschild said that Russia is the most independent nation on the planet and had the leadership and wherewithal to maintain its independence.

“Many of us have been born into these families as light workers to help transition this planet to a new timeline, a new reality that will allow all of mankind to fulfill their creative potential” Sam Rothschild commented. “Our parents are stuck in the old timeline that is paralyzed by fear and that fear has been infectious. We’re not condemning our parents, we simply don’t agree.

Millions of light workers have incarnated in recent decades to raise the level of vibration on this planet, the raise the level of consciousness, to allow this new reality to manifest. War, disease, scarcity are the old reality; as is the illusion of the power and authority of those that have money.

All mankind has to do to move into a new reality is to not agree with the old and awaken their God given faculties to energetically create the new. How quickly this manifest will be the agreement of the collective. We don’t have to wait for an invitation, we don’t have to wait for an election; you are the one that will decide.”

RT: Many have seen this famous year as a time of global awakening. In one of his readings, famed American psychic Edgar Cayce divined that “Russia will become a beacon of hope onto the world.” At the time it was hard to even imagine the possibility, but it seems this ‘new reality’ will have its share of surprises. Stay tuned.

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