New World Reporter

Submitted by R.F. Goggin on April 19, 2012


There’s a new convenient buzzword being bandied about, quite a bit lately, by people who seem hell-bent on usurping the protections offered to Americans by the U.S. Constitution. I am speaking of a term ‘Bad Actor’, which I seem to be hearing more and more from politicians or public safety officials, these days. Sounds an evil and threatening prospect, doesn’t it?

Yes indeed it does to me, at least, and that’s surely because it’s supposed to unnerve and scare somebody just like myself, and you as well, of course. It’s a slogan-like soundbite beginning to bubble around seemingly everywhere in the mainstream media to make you think that you are being protected by some big brother operative in the guise of ‘Uncle Sam’.   The problem, however, it seems to me, with such a broad and indiscriminate label or classification is that even if one were to look up the definition of these two words in conjunction with one-another, they would discover that any such distinction were it to be imposed upon a U.S. Citizen, does not necessarily allude to criminal behavior at all, or moreover, to some terrorist design or intention.   Hell, ‘Bad Actor’ could simply be slapped upon someone who is having a bad day.

With only a preliminary examination of the term in question for the purpose of this article, one on-line dictionary, defines Bad Actor as follows :

  •  1. A mean, ill-tempered, troublemaking, or evil person.   While another, comes up as:
  •  1. One that consistently behaves or reacts poorly.

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that you were a student riding a city bus to school in Houston, Texas, and some TSA official approached you while in transit and demanded to have a look in your backpack for no apparent reason whatsoever (yes, such outrageous things have now arrived, and will increasingly become commonplace in the United States). And let us also suppose, that this government someone or other – invading your privacy and harassing you as such, made you feel as though you were being violated? Which, in turn, compelled you to complain passionately or indignantly; or even to refuse to comply with the procedure?

Does the above scenario then, make you a bad actor? You had better believe it will. This, of course, is only in accordance with all manner of common sense conceivable. So, hadn’t you just better be afraid instead and keep your mouth shut? Might you subsequently be hauled off to some dark room or jail cell, for further interrogation, for simply trying to exert your civil rights? Or, better yet, for having enough insight into human nature to understand that the debasement of your individual liberty has reached near-epic proportion in the U.S. – by virtue of your hyperactive tax dollars at work, no less?   When if ever, are Americans going to begin to let their politicians and public servants know that they are too free a people to be manipulated into governmental servitude, or have their liberties short-changed by communist-type fear propaganda. When are we to decide not to subject ourselves to pure and utter paranoid bullshit, not only running rampant, but beginning to take shape in the form of police harassment within the homeland itself. That, as free individuals we will not cower before or subject our dignity to any public servant or official claiming to have only our best interest in mind?

Power and greed, thinks of nothing but itself. Does anyone truly think that those who rule America are to somehow forever be exempted from such things? Let’s try to keep it all real, or historic at the least, shall we? Our very destiny, in fact, obviously depends on it.   It seems worthy to note in my estimation, that if the imposition of fear upon its citizens by a government, for whatever reasons, were to go unchallenged, or cheap, near-criminal and politically motivated buzzwords – are given free reign within the mind of an American citizen, then such a poor slob of an individual will have all but unconsciously been led against their will down an unforgiving, totalitarian, river of no return. And if indeed such thoughts or ideas as which are expressed herein might somehow in turn, sadly end up morphing myself into a “Bad Actor” – of a sort, then so be it.   by R.F. Goggin