Joseph A Olson, PE                   Apr 16, 2012


Becoming a TOTAL Earth Science Skeptic

As baby boomers bloomed from Child of the Fifties to Love Child of the Sixties the peer pressure motto of “Question Authority” took on a multi-level meaning.  It was obvious that we were being lied to byTotal Earth Science Skeptic the government in almost every aspect of life.  If you believe the Southeast Asia domino theory or the Dallas Magic Bullet Theory, then you may require an extra effort to accept the fact that ALL governments have distorted history and science to benefit the powerful.

My distrust in government ordered orthodoxy began in grade school.  A lifetime dedicated to the study of science and history has turned my distrust into disgust, and finally action.  I have researched and documented a number of intentional government sponsored frauds.  These have been the subject of over 120 articles posted at major websites and even read into the US Congressional Record.  Here is a summary of my “Top Five Big Government LIES”, not in order of severity or impact, but just in order of convenient narrative.

The Big Bang Lie

One government control tactic is fear of eminent doom.  In the fifties, the fear of mushroom clouds on every horizon was reinforced with weekly ‘air raid drills’.  A deafening blast horn was mounted on a 25 ft high pole behind the elementary school.  Every Friday at noon the horn blast would echo off the surrounding suburbs as the horn rotated to inflict the maximum amount of terror to the widest range.  About once a month this was accompanied with the mandatory classroom response of climbing under our desks.

It did not take a precocious grade-schooler long to discover photos of Hiroshima and realize that cowering under a wooden desk was no deterrent to vaporization.  It also did not take a precocious grade-schooler long to realize that the audible high to low change in pitch from a rotating sound source was the same as the shift with a linear moving sound source, such as the frequently passing train whistles.

In high school Physics this was explained as the Dopler Shift and just the linear motion option was offered as the excuse for the incredibly flawed ‘big bang’ hypothesis.  With the election of our fearless leader, Chairman Obama in 2008, I began very serious research into another blatant government sponsored lie, Carbon Climate Forcing.  By April of 2010, having written dozens of AGW articles, I had grown bored to tears with this subject, and on a lark, opened discussion on the possibility that we lived in a Rotating Universe.

This spawned a ten article series that is more fully described in the Big Bang Lie footnotes.  What was amazing was that each article produced another grand revelation until I discovered the most SHOCKING suppressed science of the century.  This series is too important to summarize, so interested readers are directed to the footnote.  Equally shocking is the total lack of curiosity by two generations of Astronomers on this issue.

““Federally Funded Franken Science”

“Franken Science Finales”

The Big Peak Oil Lie

Flash forward to the Love Child of the Sixties, enrolled in college chemistry class.  On the far right hand side of the Periodic Table of Elements is a group of elements with fully filled outer electron shells.  For one hundred years these non-reactive elements had been termed “Inert Gases” and included Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon and Radon.  Because chemists were finally able to force a few laboratory compounds to exist using a few of these elements, they were being re-branded as “Nobel Gases”.

This semantics change had nothing to do with the natural INERT behavior of these gases.  These gases would NEVER form a compound in the natural world, but government thought control requires channeling all elements of the debate.  While one could question the origins of “Inert Gases”, everyone accepts that there are NOBLE Gases.

There is just one little problem.  Radon has a half-life of only 3.8 days.  A pound of Radon gas will be one eight ounce in just 21 days.  For there to be ANY Radon on this planet it MUST be in constant production and can ONLY be a by-product of higher order elements in fission decay.  Knowing that particle bombardments were the trigger for nuclear fission reactions, and that the Sun had varying particle emissions, it was simple to theorize the solar-Earth fission linkage.  [see FISSION footnote]

All Carbon Forcing Models ignore ANY internal Earth energy and all fission elemental atom by-products.   What began as research into this prime force in all climate change led to the discovery of the truth about the Abiogenic Petroleum production from Earth’s fission by-products.  This revelation led to the series of articles under the Peak Oil footnote.  Peak Oil is one of the eco-Nazi companion lies.  There is more on the Carbon Climate Forcing Lie below, but for now, another companion lie.

See:“Earth’s Missing Geo-thermal Flux”

“Earth’s Elemental Petrol Production”

The Big Green Energy Lie

Humans are at present very wasteful of our planets resources and are thus easily shamed for this shortsighted behavior.  But that does not mean that every ‘alternative energy’ option is an actual improvement.  Solar energy is pretty easily captured by piped coils for domestic hot water and space heating in most locations during certain conditions.  You can get a dependable supply of daytime hot water in the Sahara most of the year, but no hot water in the morning without an insulated storage system.

It is the next level of government sponsored Big Green Energy Lies where Physics and Economics becomes very problematic.  Photocells work by molecular erosion and NEVER provide even a decent fraction of the investment energy.  Chemical storage batteries are horrible inefficient and the permanent magnets necessary for direct drive motors in electric autos and direct current wind generators are not permanent or easily extracted from the Earth.  Relying on these technologies is the equivalent of killing the patient to save the patient.   Again there is more on the Big Green Energy Lie in the footnotes, but we have covered the two eco-Nazi companion lies and it is time to return to the Carbon forcing lie.

See: “Green Prince of Darkness” 

The GIANT Carbon Climate Forcing Lie

The first big government sponsored lie was undoubtedly the big bang hoax, begun in 1927, but incorporated as a national security issue in 1949.  The peak oil lie began in the fifties.  Human caused climate change probably began on Earth Day in 1970 and alternative energy got its big boost in the seventies energy crisis.  All of these are mutually supportive companion lies designed to empower the controllers of our defective government.  The defective government in turn dictates policy to the subservient media and obedient education system.

The majority of my efforts have centered on the immediate threat of Carbon taxes and controls.  This fraud was always intended to create a false Carbon commodity market with forced universal participation.  The immediate impact of this is obvious, but the intended use of the diverted funds to the controllers is less obvious.  Given the fact that our leaders have consistently lied about so many things, it is doubtful that these are beneficial fables.

My live radio interview with Dennis Miller on March 10, 2011 covered three of the glaring defects of Carbon forcing.  First of these is Thermal Mass.  We live on a planet with 259 trillion cubic miles of mostly molten rock at over 3000 F average temperature.  Our planet has 310 million cubic miles of ocean at average 3,000 ft deep and 34 F average temperature.  Dirt, compacted seashells and rock all weigh around 125 pounds per cubic foot.  Fresh water weighs 62.4 and salt water 64.2 pounds per cubic foot.

Every CO2 molecule in the air is subject to solar decomposition, absorption into rain water, photosynthesis or absorption by the ocean surface.  The rates for these various atmospheric removal modes are questioned, but CO2 removed by plants will become dirt and CO2 absorbed into the ocean will become Calcium Carbonate seashells. Therefore, the natural Carbon Cycle of life will convert the 28 gigatons of human CO2 into less than three cubic miles of dirt or less than six cubic miles of ocean on a “mass” basis.

To fall for the AGW magic one must believe that human CO2 can control 50 million times the equivalent mass of ocean AND at the same time control 88 trillion times the equivalent mass of dirt and molten rock.  You cannot get a bachelor degree in engineering without Thermodynamics, but strangely, you can get a PhD in Climatology and never open a Thermo textbook.

The next Carbon Forcing lie in my radio interview was Radiation Theory.  The magic of CO2 is to capture an Outgoing Long-wave Radiation photon and redirect this energy back to warm the Earth.  The OLR is leaving Earth at the speed on light, 186,000 miles per second and is delayed by a CO2 molecule for one billionth of a second.  The OLR photon is then emitted as a lower frequency, lower energy and longer wavelength photon which is invisible to another CO2 molecule.  The “absorbed” energy is rapidly transferred to the surrounding Nitrogen and Oxygen molecules and rises as a convective current.  We will return to this energy transfer in a moment, but now the final point in the Miller interview.

Law is the only “math-free profession”.  You cannot be a professional in medicine, science, engineering or economics without mathematics.  What you cannot quantify you can never predict.  We have a Supreme Court stocked with justices that could not pass a college entrance exam in any science subject, yet when offered the chance to expand government control over Carbon emission readily agreed that CO2 was a toxin.  Oh Really !

At present there are 390 parts per million of life-giving CO2 in the atmosphere.  Humans inhale this amount and exhale 40,000 PPM.  Due to the high cost of ‘scrubbing’ CO2 in a contained environment, our nuclear submarines operate routinely at 8,000 PPM.  Every windbag on the Supreme Court produces 100 times the CO2 that they inhale, yet they can tell you that your mothers warm breath on your baby face is a TOXIN !

The Physics ‘proof’ for Carbon warming is a convoluted hodge-podge of distorted accepted principles and indefensible approximations.  Dealing with a spinning globe that is only in sunshine half of the time is ‘too complicated’ so the Warmists assumed the Earth to be a flat disc and sunshine to be continuous.  Discussion of this absurd simplification are explained by my colleagues and linked in the Carbon Forcing Lie footnote.

Another deceptive metric is “Radiative Balance”, that the planet only warms from incoming solar radiation and for there to be a constant temperature, there must be an equal amount of radiation leaving the planet.  There is another energy transfer that is hidden in plain sight.  For that we will return to the OLR converted to kinetic energy in the Nitrogen and Oxygen molecules mentioned above.

Slow moving, in comparison to OLR, convective energy is constantly leaving the planet.  The desert mirage is caused by this energy distorting light waves.  One researcher has described this upward energy movement as ‘globules’ involving little upward movement of individual N2 and O2 molecules, but rather a kinetic wave moving towards space.

An open ocean wave is a broad mass of water with a very low wave height.  A Tsunami swell may only be a meter wide, but a hundred meters front to back as it travels the surface.  As this energy approaches the shore the period of the wave is reduced causing a forward potential energy to be transferred to a vertical potential energy.  The wave rises, crests and falls.  This may repeat several times depending on shore conditions, but eventually the wave runs out of water depth and ends on the shore line.

The wave energy was converted to kinetic energy in the air that was pushed by the wave front, kinetic energy in the pounding on the shore and kinetic energy of the water as it changed directions.  Energy was not ‘lost’ but converted to a now invisible form.  When the kinetic energy globules rise in the atmosphere they too approach an atmospheric shoreline of thinner and thinner molecules.

This kinetic energy is then either attenuated from a lack of molecules to transfer energy to, or it has been transferred to potential energy by raising the upper level air molecules, which then cool and fall back to Earth.  Either way, it is highly possible that there are transfers of energy to space that are orders of magnitudes greater than just Earth’s radiative output.

The ULTIMATE Monetary System Lie

If you’ve been intrigued or troubled by any of these little science lies, then you may be interested in the underlying cause for all of these lies and many more equally offensive lies.  The entire Western world monetary system is a lie.  This is described in a series of articles in the Monetary System Lie footnote.  It took a college education and forty years of dedicated research for me to become a Total Earth Science Skeptic.  Hopefully this summary will make that process easier for you, your friends and family.  We are on this fair planet for a reason.  Please find and share Truth.

“Fractional Reserve Banking Begat Faux Reality” pdf.

Joseph A Olson, PE Apr 16, 2012



THE BIG BANG LIE, began as an article, Big Bang Rebuttal at Canada Free Press, which expanded into a ten article series. Here are the key articles from that series, easily the most shocking science story of the century. “Big Bang Rebuttal” “The Cure for Cosmology’s Peptic Ulcer” “Mysterious ‘Dr X’ Says Universe is NOT Expanding” “Federally Funded Franken Science” “Franken Science Finales”

THE PEAK OIL LIE, dealt with the ‘matter is neither created nor destroyed’, the elemental by-products of Earth’s variable fission and this natural production of Hydrocarbons.  “Fossil Fuel is Nuclear Waste” had over 11,000 crosslinks in one day. “Fossil Fuel is Nuclear Waste” “Earth’s Missing Geothermal Flux” “Earth’s Elemental Petrol Production”

THE GREEN ENERGY LIE, covered in many of my articles, but photo-voltaics is a huge fraud.  It is a molecular erosion parlor trick and only covered by my article, “Green Prince of Darkness”

THE CARBON CLIMATE FORCING LIE, described in dozens of my articles.  The fraud begins with the framing of Faux Science parameters described by colleague, Joe Postma in his article here The Dennis Miller radio interview is under the “Links” tab at

THE MONETARY SYSTEM LIE, is the root of all of the current false paradigms.  It is described in my “Fractional Reserve Banking Begat Faux Reality” article and there is supporting evidence in my many articles under the “Faux History” tab at my website.

FISSION is a controlled and accelerated form of nuclear decay.  It is documented to have occurred at the Earth’s surface at Oklo in Gabon, Africa, see Under high heat, high pressure and high particle bombardment the fissionable elements in the Earth’s mantle behave like a fission reactor, and NOT like standard decay.