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The greatest threats to our nation are active domestic enemies who now hold office. It is not some vague and undefined foreign terrorist who threatens us as a nation, as these people have no power to change our laws or to infringe on our Constitutional rights.  In fact, a foreign terrorist has no power over us at all unless we allow it.

Consider this:  We have started wars of aggression against various countries based on what are known lies and the current administration is continuing the wars of aggression and preparing to attack yet another country under false pretenses.

We have bombed, gassed, terrorized, intimidated and tortured the populations of these countries.  We have contaminated water resources, agricultural resources and devastated the land.  We have wiped out entire generations of families and held thousands hostage in black prisons; and these thousands included children.

Did any one of these countries begin an aggressive attack on their own people as a result of what we did?  Did they begin changing laws or creating laws that made criminals out of what remained of their populations?  Did any one of them turn their attention away from the actual attackers and focus it on their own people as if they had dropped the bombs?  As if they had caused the deaths and devastation?  Did they begin punishing and terrorizing their own people because we attacked them?

Many of you will respond by asserting that these countries we attacked were already terrorizing their people and already had oppressive governments and laws in place.  So our response is to not only attack and destroy them, but to then implement the same oppressive political system here at home while simultaneously installing far more dictatorial governments than the one we deposed in those same countries?

The answer is of course, no.  So ask yourself, why did our government begin the immediate attacks on its own citizens as a result of the false flag attacks of 9/11?  Ask why, if the 9/11 attacks were really the result of foreign terrorists, would it be necessary to begin treating America as if it were the enemy?

Now name one law that has been passed, one right that has been violated, one act of aggression by our own government against its own people, that has frightened away even one foreign terrorist.  Terrorists by nature do not care about laws and are not constrained by laws.  As an example, look at our own federal government…….do you see anyone there who is afraid of any laws we might have?  Are they shaking in fear at the thought of constitutional prohibitions on their illegal and criminal activities?

The greatest attacks we have suffered came from elected officials in the House and Senate; individuals who swore to uphold the Constitution and to defend it from both foreign and domestic enemies.  They also came from unelected bureaucracies including the military, from various federal corporate agencies, from the massive and numerous spy agencies.  Homeland Security has nothing to do with keeping you safe; it exists only to terrorize the public in order to protect what we call [government], from us.

Members of the House and Senate have knowingly passed unconstitutional legislation infringing on our unalienable rights, making criminals out of everyday people for expressing dissent, for speaking out against the growing threat that our own government represents.  Presidents (or chief executives) have given their approval.  The Supreme Court has handed down decisions that are egregiously unconstitutional, and opinions which even the most legally illiterate among us can see are contrived and tortured renderings that have no basis in the law.  The combination of the corruption in all three branches of the government has resulted in the political overthrow of our Republic.  We are being controlled by a hostile corporation determined to destroy us.

Our power lies within our states, or would if we could depend on any of our state senators, representatives or governors to stand up.

Can the government create jobs?

While thousands upon thousands of jobs have been lost to exploitable foreign labor markets, the federal government has hired hundreds of thousands of individuals to spy, data mine, illegally surveil, wiretap, read our emails, listen to our phone calls and otherwise violate the privacy and rights of other Americans.

Public Sector Employment Grows Despite Downturn Veronique de Rugy | Oct 03, 2011

“In 2010, there were 22,482,000 government employees. That’s an increase of 1,692,000 employees since 2000. During the examined time period, public employment has grown at an average rate of 0.8% each year—in contrast to the -0.3% average annual rate of private employment decline. From 2000 to 2010, the plummeting employment has been concentrated in the private sector. A total of 3,658,000 private sector jobs have been lost. All the while, public employment continues to increase.”

In my estimation, the most insidious part of this is the willingness of other Americans to don a government badge or title and who will now turn on their own communities and neighbors and terrorize, spy, harass, intimidate and threaten them.

We do have enemies we need to be aware of. We call them senator or representative. At times we call them judges or president and at times they are our former friends, neighbors and even family members. Regardless, we can no longer put our trust in them as they have shown us repeatedly that they will harm us at will, for their own benefit.

Foreign terrorists don’t have to do anything to us and are most likely rolling with laughter as they watch our own government destroy us from within, aided by other Americans who forfeited principals for a paycheck.

I still maintain that what is needed is a Protect America from Congress Act………or maybe more relevant, Protect America from the Federal Corporation and its Employees Act.  We have an estimated 23 million federal employees prepared to betray us.  We have an additional 10 million illegal aliens prepared to side with the federal corporation.  I refuse to give up one more right or freedom to the globalists, the one world government advocates and the traitors in the District of Criminals.  This is our country and we are being driven to the point where we will either stand to defend it or we will go down as submissive sheep. I refuse to go to my knees in submission.

We do have active domestic enemies; we elected them to office.