Marti Oakley          copyright 2012


If you asked most Americans what a [milker bill] was, most would assume it had something to do with cows.  If you asked them what a [juicer bill] was, most would assume it had something to do with fruit juices.  Do you know what a [fetcher bill] is?  All three are terms used to describe bills submitted for no other reason than to not so subtly, threaten a corporate sector into letting go of some cash; to be deposited of course in the campaign coffers of the sponsoring legislator(s).

On the Federal level a [milker bill] is a bill submitted for consideration, that the sponsor has no intention of seeing passed.  Especially in election years, bills that threaten to raise taxes on specific businesses or sectors or bills that would possibly adversely affect a sector are routinely submitted in what can only be called a political extortion racket.  The mission of the [milker, juicer, fetcher] bill is to apply pressure on corporations (usually) most especially which in turn causes a swarm of lobbyists to show up bearing gifts.  The affected industry then begins ringing the cash cow register and dumping wads of cash into campaign coffers (message received).

S.2204….Let the milking begin!

Thursday, March 30, 2012:  In a 51-47 vote, Sen. Robert Menendez’s (D-NJ) bill was voted down. Well of course it was!  It was never intended to pass to begin with.  This bill had to be the primo [milker] bill of all time. More