My guest this week is Ms Marti Oakley, a nationally known Freedom and Liberty activist, who also hosts the Truth Squad Radio Show on BlogTalk Radio.  Marti believes that Americans are losing control of our government on both the federal and state levels and it is approaching a critical point in our history. Most people are not even aware of how many of their rights are gradually, or should  I say progressively, being legislated away by those who would disregard the U.S. Constitution. We’ll be discussing a wide variety of subjects including the gradual loss of our Liberty and Freedoms, National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, recent Executive orders of the President, illegal immigration and the concept of population replacement (Americans being replaced by 3rd world immigrants), Agenda 21, the attack on farmers and ranchers, GMOs and contaminated foods, free trade agreements, government corruption, corporate cronyism, and of course more topics……….Listeners are encouraged to call in.

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