Marti Oakley    copyright 2012


The double standard is alive and well when dealing with women’s health care and what is available and covered by insurance or government programs.  If you are a woman it is most likely your insurance company will not pay for contraception and many pharmacies won’t fill the prescription even if it is to treat a medical condition or used as a preventative treatment.  If you get pregnant?  Ummm………tough crunchies.

If you are a male, you have it made.  We’ll pay for your impotence problem, and if you are involved in an unwanted pregnancy, we will do everything we can to make sure you are never held accountable for your part in this event.  And the women who try to speak up in defense of women’s health or reproductive rights?  There is no end to the list of names we will use to denigrate, humiliate and belittle her and this will most likely be done by men who keep mistresses, hire prostitutes, frequent strip clubs and adult book stores. But hey!  That’s what a man does!

For me, the most tragic part of this situation is that women have reduced themselves to the level of men when it comes to sex.  Obviously all the efforts to marginalize, to reduce the value of, and to objectify women has worked; many women have come to believe they have no value other than what they can offer sexually.

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