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Join us this morning as we discuss the recent Obama Executive Order issued March 16th, 2012.  This order effectively puts into effect all the legislation congress was unable to pass.  The Clear Act (seizure of all water from any source whatsoever), SOPA & PIPA (internet can now be controlled under the seizure of all communications) and the re-instatement of the draft should Obama decide to do so.  These are just a few of the little tidbits buried in this document and these and many more items can be activated even in non-emergency situations.

At 11:00 CST  Debbie Coffey, investigative journalist and reporter for the PPJ Gazette ( will join the show to discuss the ongoing slaughter of the wild horses and the recent NAS meetings.  Debbie is a leading researcher and activist regarding the zeroing out of wild horse populations as the BLM “manages to extinction” these wild herds.



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