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London’s international bankers who own and control the Bank of England (BOE), the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland—where the world’s central banks draw—as well as the rest of the world’s central banks, are rapidly consuming what few independent central banks remain.

In 2000, Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Libya, Iran, North Korea, and Cuba had independent central banks. Names sound familiar? Think “Arab Spring.”

Today, the only central banks not under control of the BOE/BIS are Iran, North Korea, and Cuba. And if you have any investments in Iran’s central bank, it might be a good time to divest. The other independent central banks were relieved of their gold and financial assets via quick transfer to “new, improved” BOE/BIS controlled central banks established in those countries as soon as “Arab Spring rebels” became “victorious.”

This same international banking cabal now has their sights set on currency mop-ups in countries like Syria, Sudan, and lesser nations in their quest to control all the world’s money. They already manipulate America and every other nation on earth with the currency their central banks print—for the price of paper, ink, and labor—and sell to each nation at never-ending interest for the huge sums they deliberately lend to Pavlovian politicians and governments who willfully run up enormous totals; the bankers, all the while, knowing full well these nations could not/would not be able to repay their loans.

Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Portugal are the current poster chillern. Other nations have been programmed; America included.

As these countries enter the debt traps set for them and reach their points of no financial return—where taxes and national income cannot pay the interest on their loans—the bankers began to send in front men to take over the “financial affairs” of the country and its government. Foreclosure processes on resources within these countries are initiated; which are subsequently sold to front companies and corporations controlled by the same bankers that lent them the money. It’s an age-old con game begun by a small handful of banking family patriarchs several centuries ago that has been updated each century since to fit the times.

The current crop of not-so-bright but enormously greedy and corrupt politicians and government officials around the globe who drank willingly from their central bank’s limitless loan well, counted on not being called upon to pay the fiddler while they were still in office. Or alive. Unintended justice, therefore, that many of these Diamond Jim pols addicted to spending money that future generations were on the hook for, have been swept into the economic vortex along with everyone else.

Investors and speculators (not connected to the financial cabal) who were holding things like bonds in mark countries got a haircut—a language chic phrase Wall Street uses when putting the financial screws to someone invested in good faith.

Iceland told these financial shysters what they and the country’s politicians could do with the deliberate debt they ran up against their nation, however, and refused to pay these crooks. The nation is going it alone similar to the way the founders drew the road map for America’s journey; our congress being the only body authorized to coin [print] our currency. The founders, who’d observed these thieves at work in England and Europe, had them foremost in their minds as they penned the financial aspects of the greatest governing document ever written. . .our Constitution; still valid today regardless of the political pimp blather fed the public by bankster sycophants in Washington.

Obama is simply a front-man for these bankers’ global agenda; the most unknown president ever to sit the office ; who is not even eligible to be president, but who was installed nonetheless by the London-headquartered bankers to “. . . show the world they [the banksters] could.” As was B-II, Clinton, B-I, the peanut farmer, and on back.

Except, everyone kept missing their point. Which was that past so-called “candidates”—50% of whom were plucked off political scrap heaps for the oval office—were deliberately placed there. So, Oz was “forced” to do something dramatic like pluck a foreigner who is not even a U.S. citizen and more probably a Brit, and plop him in the white House and say “. . .lookie here America, you get it now?”

We got it.

Thus Obama was installed in the White House; his birth certificate deliberately botched to be found out, speculated on publicly, and stonewalled in the courts when corrective action was initiated; all to make sure everyone other than the diehards who refused to come out from beneath their toadstools “got it;” all to prove to the world they could get anyone elected and placed anywhere, anytime with their money.

Which is easy to do when you own/control all the communication outlets that tell people what to think about; who dutifully report the lies, spin, disinformation and outright propaganda that’s fed to them. The importance of the Forth Estate in a Republic was formerly purchased during the first Great Depression in anticipation of today; America’s so-called main stream media having stepped across the line decades ago to walk the streets for these financial boys behind the curtain

And yet. . . here came an Internet tsunami that stepped into the Forth Estate’s vacuum to keep a steady spotlight on these financial Wizards of Oz and their anti-humanity agenda; forcing them into the open where, like wounded cape buffalo, they now thrash about the planet in a mad rush for one last, great, greedy consumptive control attempt of the world’s food, fiber, water, minerals, land, money, information, people, jobs, and hope; their current global rush being to buy up all of earth’s prime farmland in developing countries through front-groups for pennies on the dollar using in-country [read: bribed] armies and government shills to illegally and forcefully evict thousands of rightful property owners and farmers off their lands who, for centuries past, raised natural, non-genetically modified food that fed local populations; this all to obtain a “legitimate international title” for property they’re essentially stealing.

Not only have these bankers’ actions driven the price of food beyond local populations, they’ve kicked in food shortages for huge portions of the global population as well. Much of the land that’s being commandeered is that from which local farmers fed their populations; the vast majority of which is to be plowed under and converted from food crops to energy crops [ethanol, et. al.] “. . .for an energy-starved world.”

More lies.

There’s no oil or gas or coal shortage. Never has been. Emissions crisis? Come on. Two of the greatest human-caused environmental catastrophes known have come from a supposedly “clean” energy source—nuclear.

If the Internet stands, the long-tongued liars, thieves, and murderers buying the planet will fail; and in their addict’s race for more, will eventually collapse to die amid the Internet’s brambles of truth.

Major setbacks already have occurred. Derivatives, credit default swaps, toxic mortgage bundles, and an engineered economic collapse of the world.. . .exposed. Genetically modified food and its programmed sterilization and harmful effects on humanity. . .exposed. False flag documentation for the Oklahoma City and Twin Towers bombings. . .exposed. BigPharma’s attempt to hawk vaccines to the globe under the guise of a faux pandemic. . .exposed. The vindication of Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s research partner after BigPharma’s attempt to demonize them both for suggesting a possible connection between their vaccines and autism. . .exposed. Global warming. . .exposed.

The list goes on.

Obama is just another in a long line of faux presidents being funded and used by the so-called mega-rich “elite”—psychopaths all—to facilitate agendas like those above. Expect future false flag events featuring new boogeymen in an attempt to frighten and herd humanity into corners. . .but. . . know the next time it happens, millions who’ve already exposed these charlatan’s prior attempts will be watching and pointing their dark deeds out to additional millions—soon billions—when it happens.

Arab “terrorists” with box cutters flying 747’s or 727’s or whatever? Gimmie a break. This whole global charade since 9/11 has been based on lies.

&á over humanity is no longer an exclusive sport of the rich, thanks to the Internet.

It’s going to be an interesting election.

Copyright© 2012 by W.R. McAfee, Sr. All rights reserved.