Have you been a victim of the Delphi Technique?  Controlled public meetings where the public is prohibited from speaking?  How about being divided up into groups and directed to [stations] where trained facilitators control the dialogue?  Have you been called names?  Screamed at by shills planted in the audience?  Do you know what an ADD meeting is?  Its an “already done deal”.  They made their decisions before you got there.

These and many other techniques are used to prevent the public from expressing its true opinion.   Listen to Heather Gass explain what the Delphi Technique is, and how it is used to control YOU.

Roger Fredinburg’s 3-14-2012 interview with Heather Gass of the East Bay Tea Party about how to disrupt the psychology of the Delphi Technique used by the facilitator to control public input at meetings promoting the sustainable development goals of the UN Agenda 21 agreement signed by George H.W. Bush at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.
Heather’s website is:   http://www.theeastbayteaparty.com/greentyranny/greentyranny.html

Roger’s websites are:  http://www.regularguy.com/   http://www.hohumproductions.com/     and the Holocaust Series website  http://www.wemustremember.weebly.com/

Washington State complied with the Earth Summit / UN Agenda 21 goals by passing  the “Growth Management Act” land use legislation in the early 1990s.  In alliance with the Washington Planning Association, the State Dept of Commerce provides an online course for professional and aspiring facilitator’s:  “Citizen Participation and the Public Process” http://www.commerce.wa.gov/DesktopModules/CTEDPublications/CTEDPublicationsVi…