New World Reporter

By R.F. Goggin


I’ve never been much of a political person, generally, nor an activist of any measurable sort, but in some manner, gradually; through no conscious effort which I can attribute it to, I now believe that after my nearly fifty years of my drawing breath on this ridiculously whacked out planet, that if I had to acknowledge how I have come to lean, politically, I would call myself a Libertarian. If indeed, one’s being Libertarian, is actually being political? I most curiously do look  forward to any feedback in that regard, if anyone would care to indulge?

Not sure why, but I find it significant somehow, that if I am exposed too heavily or for too long a period of time to either right-wing or left-wing political philosophy; either by means of a television set, radio or internet connection, I invariably end-up so hopelessly frustrated and disgusted by what prospects loom before me, that I am prone to the rigors of temporary insanity.

Be it a Sean Hannity – or a Rachel Maddow, either, bi-polar, episode of one or the other, in large enough doses, manages only to turn my stomach over and yet over once again. Even a mere internet news aggregator such as Matt Drudge – is eventually capable of pissing me off royally, despite his not publishing so much as a single interesting paragraph of his own (think I can safely exclude the ghost written Drudge Manifesto, simply upon the universality of its reviews). His link titles alone, suffice. Yet, for the sake of an art that the man evidently lacks, I am nevertheless am obliged; nearly everyday of the week, to sift through the Sludge Report (couldn’t resist using a familiar tactic to him) that he compiles, for something to inspire me because I tend to write more prolifically well, when I am seeing red. Alas, I suppose, being one of this fellow’s 33 million visitors per day, I suspect my own web site story link won’t be aggregating in Drudgeville anytime soon. Unless, perhaps, its this very article, due to its merely mentioning his existence, of course, and that it just may wind up getting itself around somehow. Wish me luck, if you would, that the silly fellow chooses to Google’s himself again today. If just a 1% of this human parasite’s die-hard patrons clicked on me, I would virtually enjoy an outrageous surge of 300,000 page visits. Outlandish, isn’t it? Perhaps, Drudge, shies away from opinion writers or commentators, preferring his own outdated philosophies and his mercifully – somewhat clever (some of the time), political inferences.

A bit of a news junkie, same as Drudge, I suppose, I started this blog, roughly five months ago, mainly because I felt that the mainstream news media establishment in America was just too damn sensationally glamorized, self-aggrandizing, politicized and profit-driven to be of any journalistic importance or significance – not only to me, but to the rest of humanity as well. I found that I needed some form of  informational haven of my own in order to escape what politically boorish talking heads were adjuring me, and all the mindlessly trivial celebrity gossip being continually flung into my brain. When, at last, I realized I would never actually stumble upon such a sanctuary residing anywhere within my own body proper, I decided to try to create a retreat, here in cyberspace. And so here at – The New World Reporter, are you as well. I chose to name this web page thus, because I was hoping to acquire something spiritualistic if possible, from the act of the endeavor, itself. Something, fulfilling, a forward-looking, purposefully nostalgia-free – place to exercise and nourish the high-strung sinews of my soul, if I could manage as much, or possibly manage to exorcise the demons clawing away therein. It was as if I had no conscious choice in the matter, I needed to be anesthetized from life itself, via self-expression. Therapy or medication had failed to take on the good fight, so I welcomed a more homespun challenge.

“Occupy Wall Street’, had just begun at the time, and I recall being quite aggravated with the fact that the mainstream media was just too painfully slow for me on the uptake, in its regard. Therefore, I took up the movement’s banner after my own fashion and wrote my first public article ever, calling it, ‘The Decline And Fall Of Mainstream Media’ (not terribly unique as far a title may go, but it did embody the sufficient grandiosity which I suspected might grab me some needed mouse-clicks). The piece had argued that if the corporate news media in U.S. did not eventually acknowledge and respect this unlikely and unprecedented, grass-roots protest, as they had done, ad nauseam, with the tedious Tea Party movement, then it just might prove the starting point of their undoing. The mainstream press did eventually, have to cover ‘Occupy’, as we all know, when they had no recourse but to do so.

While pleased with my initial creativity, even after I published said story to my WordPress blog account, I next proceeded to email the article to just about every news conglomerate that I could think of  (not failing to omit Drudge, of course). Not because I had hoped they might publish my rant, I had rationalized with regret, but due to the fact that all of the major U.S. news sources, in my estimation, were behaving irresponsibly and negligently, while deliberately standing in the way of something both important nationally and genuinely newsworthy. They were literally blacking out a fairly good-sized American protest taking place, that in a rather large sense, had every implication toward them, that one might conceive of.

Needless to say, just as I had reckoned, no response from the mainstream news media to the article whatsoever, did I receive – until, strangely enough – Alex Jones, of; after evidently copying my article from an alternative news aggregation page of where I had randomly posted it, swiftly proceeded to publish my thoughts, devoid of so much as a hello, and without even a thank you very much.

Welcome, fool, to the you scratch my back – do I know you? – world of alternative internet news.

Jones, incidentally, went on to publish several more of my articles, and so due to low traffic here at the home front, I have lately even sent Infowars a few of them myself. But, no longer, I’m thinking as I sit here festering. Everything original from this article on, remains here. Let the vultures come and copy it if they are interested. Its been the same type wam bam thank you Stan deal, even with less popular sites who accept news article submissions from authors – insofar, as things have to be done their way with your souls emanations; with as little communication as possible, despite whatever monies are being made off you by means of the advertising on their pages. Granted it’s not a lot of dough we are talking here, if you exclude Alex Jones, but its more than I make as an unemployed rebel – which is zero, at the moment.

And so that’s pretty much how it goes across the blogosphere in the cyber-news war trenches. Where the reality behind all of the cursory, public brotherhood, (love and peace), is all but exclusively akin to the shallowness and competitiveness of mainstream media. It’s all about page hits and donate buttons, it seems. As a result, I fear now that I am falling back on my heels a bit. Still undaunted perhaps, yet uninspired and discouraged as well. My own short-lived donate button – currently sitting in my desktop recycle bin. I can’t allow for that I am sure, unless I would rather join an ‘Occupy’ homeless camp come spring (the thought has more than crossed my mind), but I can only wonder at this point, if the only thing that alternative news bloggers will actually end up changing in the end, is who becomes famous or well-to-do.

Have I digressed from where this blog post originally started off? Forgive me, if so.

It’s a hell of a ridiculously moot philosophical position I think for an American to affiliate his or her self with a particular body politic. Even as a newly declared  ’Libertarian’, I would never attempt to involve myself in such a pointless endeavor.

Republican? Democrat? Liberal? Conservative?

Do please desist at some point, and most especially hereabouts. It’s about as interesting or exciting spectacle for me to behold as my next door neighbors Great Dane, sniffing its ass.