Marti Oakley Copyright 2012



I believe it is time that we, the public, wrote our own legislation and called it The Protect America from Congress Act (PACA).  In  light of all the legislation that has been passed by both Democrats and Republicans in the last 14 years, most of which flies in the face of the Constitution and civil rights we need to act to defend ourselves from what is obviously the greatest threat we face as a nation. The onslaught of unconstitutional pieces of  legislation that have cost us our freedom, privacy and liberty is a clear indicator that our greatest enemy is housed in the District of Criminals.

I don’t know about any of you, but I am so sick of these politicians and their in-your-face assaults on the constitution.  I am not afraid of some rogue terrorist.  I refuse to live in fear of some unknown, unidentifiable, undefinable terrorist threat, especially as we bomb our way around the globe.  As paranoid as our own government has become I have no doubt the “fears” they express are probably borne of some conspiracy theory one or some of them verbalized.  I fully expect to see both houses of congress assembled in the near future, all of them sporting tin foil hats and taking turns trying to spot UFO’s from Iran, while so-called [intelligence] agencies fabricate one conspiracy theory after another!

We said No!

Its an amazing thing to see Lemar Smith roll out another new internet takeover bill.  Apparently, 10-13 million of us screaming “NO!” didn’t sink in to Mr. Smith’s way of thinking.  I think it would be worth our while to find out how much money Mr. Smith stands to make on possible insider trading should this latest assault on freedom of speech become another voidable corporate code.  It might also be interesting to determine who actually wrote the bill that Smith is now schlepping around the District of Criminals.  You know damn well he didn’t write it.  So who did? And who is it that stands to benefit most from this rotten deal?  And, how much does he himself stand to profit on possible insider trading deals based on the position and possible passage of this bill?

We have also repeatedly and loudly and without hesitation said no to illegal immigration, to amnesty, to funding through social programs the lives of people here illegally.  We have said no to the “Dream Act” so many times that I have lost count. We also screamed no quite loudly and in great numbers to the passage of:

  • S 510 the Fake Food Safety Bill
  • To Obamacare
  • To the NDAA
  • To Patriot Acts 1 & 2
  • To the continuance of the Patriot Acts
  • To the Military Commissions Act of 2006
  • To the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007
  • To the FISA bill which was an ex post facto bill (after the fact, constitutionally prohibited)

and a host of other unconstitutional Acts, Bills, and Executive Orders in one administration after another.  In almost every instance, even when we knew they were breaking the law they continued as if we were not here.  We do not matter to these people.  They do not care what we think.  They do not care how much we know about their corruption.

What happened to “they are stealing our stuff”?

The big push for SOPA which caused numerous scripted committee meetings was based on the idea that China or somebody, was stealing our ideas, our inventions…..our stuff.  Knowing that we are quite aware of the fact that there are people in our government, in corporations, in the military who are PAID to do exactly the same thing to those “somebody’s” caused that particular argument to fall flat.  Next we were threatened with national security and economic security.   I just want to know……who puts ideas, inventions, designs on the net that they are afraid someone would steal?  Who does that?

And why doesn’t anyone in the District of Criminals appear to know anything about the TRIPS agreement which covers virtually everything they claim to be in fear of and which has been signed and agreed to by 188 country’s?

We want to protect your children!

All these years on the net doing research, writing, reading, and not once has an internet pornographer popped up on my screen.  I think before we entertain any notions about taking over the net for the bogus reason of “protecting children from internet pornographers (PIPA), it might be a good thing to examine the hard drives of all computers in the District of Criminals.  We most likely could locate and eradicate numerous pornographic websites which would solve the problem and seriously reduce any paranoia induced threats.  Just a thought, but still a reasonable place to start.

If children were at all a concern we would not have a Vaccine Liability Court to protect vaccine manufacturers from the harm and death they cause to children with their deadly products.  Our teenage boys and girls would not be forced to be injected with Gardasil which even Merck admits they cannot prove has any affect on cervical cancer or anything else for that matter.  We would not be loading infants and toddlers up with 36 vaccines by the age of four which contain toxic chemicals, surfactants, diploid cells (aborted fetal tissue) mercury, thimerasol, detergents and whatever else they can find.  IF children were a concern, congress would not sit by idly and protect the very corporations and special interests who have created an entire generation of permanently damaged children, for profit.

These and so many other egregious assaults on children in this country indicate that a possible contact with internet pornography is the least of our issues.

The national and economic security of whom?

It is quite evident that the national security the government has railed about for more than a decade is actually the security of those inside the District of Criminals and CRAPital Hill, as opposed to the overall security of the whole country.  They are not trying to keep us out here in no-man’s land safe; they are erecting walls of legislation along with unlawful enforcement agencies to keep them selves safe from us!

  • There has not been one piece of legislation, not one act of congress,
  • not one Executive Order from any president,
  •  not one change to the corporate US Code & Title,
  • not the erection of one unlawful agency with enforcement powers,
  • not the creation of one czar’s office,
  • not one committee meeting,

that has not resulted in, or been focused on, trashing the Constitution, our rights and liberty.  It was not and is not foreign terrorists our government fears.  It is we, the people of the United States that they fear.

We are the people they have lied to repeatedly. It was our sons and daughters, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters they sent to war based on those lies.  Most of those in government never served a day in the military.   Nor do their children in most cases.  The patriotism, loyalty, pride and duty, they talk about incessantly are attributes they themselves do not possess.

All of this begs the question:  How many more will be willing to sacrifice their lives for a flag that has come to stand for imperialism, torture, human rights abuse, genocide, wars of aggression fought for corporate profit?  How many more will sign up to slaughter people in other country’s so that the global oil cartels can divvy up the spoils while we as a nation, pay the price of war?

We are the people they have robbed of their homes, their wealth, their jobs, their rights and liberty.  It is our family and friends who fight their wars of aggression.

In the end, we need to act to protect ourselves from our own government.   We are in greater danger of our own government attacking us than from any foreign born agent.  It is we, that they fear.  It is we that they continually threaten.  And it is only we, the people of the United States, who have the power to end this scourge that our government has become.

We need a Protect America from Congress Act or,  we need to act to protect America from what has become a clear and present danger to us all.