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Cassandra Anderson who hosts the website, will join the show to discuss the use of Agent orange currently planned for the US.  Agent Orange was the chemical sprayed on Viet Nam that was intended to defoliate the Ho Che Min Trail.  The effect was a systemic poisoning of our military and the generational poisoning of the Vietnamese. 

Thousands of our veterans from the Viet Nam war have suffered lifetime disabilities due to the use of agent orange, including cancers and a particular diabetes.  The devastating affects of this toxic chemical concoction created and promoted by Monsanto, are well known.  Now, under the control of Dow chemical, Agent orange is about to be used to carpet bomb agricultural fields here in the US.  It seems the uncontollable spread of gmo crops and the resulting super weeds that have mutated in response to the heavy applications of glysophate based herbicides and pesticides is getting out of hand.  Agent orange will kill off everything but the patented and dangerous gmo crops, now engineered to withstand the Agent orange application. 


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