S.2204: Repealing Big Oil Subsidies…One big giant “milker” bill


Marti Oakley          copyright 2012


If you asked most Americans what a [milker bill] was, most would assume it had something to do with cows.  If you asked them what a [juicer bill] was, most would assume it had something to do with fruit juices.  Do you know what a [fetcher bill] is?  All three are terms used to describe bills submitted for no other reason than to not so subtly, threaten a corporate sector into letting go of some cash; to be deposited of course in the campaign coffers of the sponsoring legislator(s).

On the Federal level a [milker bill] is a bill submitted for consideration, that the sponsor has no intention of seeing passed.  Especially in election years, bills that threaten to raise taxes on specific businesses or sectors or bills that would possibly adversely affect a sector are routinely submitted in what can only be called a political extortion racket.  The mission of the [milker, juicer, fetcher] bill is to apply pressure on corporations (usually) most especially which in turn causes a swarm of lobbyists to show up bearing gifts.  The affected industry then begins ringing the cash cow register and dumping wads of cash into campaign coffers (message received).

S.2204….Let the milking begin!

Thursday, March 30, 2012:  In a 51-47 vote, Sen. Robert Menendez’s (D-NJ) bill was voted down. Well of course it was!  It was never intended to pass to begin with.  This bill had to be the primo [milker] bill of all time. More

The Ruthie Report w/Guest: Ron Woodard of NC LISTEN

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Please join Ruthie Thursday March 29th, 2012  8:00-10:00 pm CST!

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Ruthie’s commentary 8:00 to 9:00 pm CST

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GUEST: Ron Woodard , Director of NC LISTEN


We will be discussing Uriel Alberto – the illegal alien that interrupted a legislative hearing

proclaiming himself .. Undocumented and Unafraid. More

The 1946 battle of Athens, Tennessee…How veterans broke up a criminal government


Marti Oakley


In 1946 the political corruption in McGinn County Tennessee was staggering.  A sheriff, a state senator and their followers had stormed the local post office, taking the locked voters ballot boxes as residents attempted to hold an election free from fraud.  What happened next is history.  Local veterans banded together and laid seige to the county jail where the sheriff and senator and various deputies had taken the ballot boxes to prevent any outcome that did not put them back in office.  In the gun battle that followed, the veterans were victorious.  It may be instances like this that cause Homeland Security to fear our returning veterans, labeling them [possible domestic terrorists]. Paranoia will do that to you.  Imagine fighting in those wars of aggression and then coming home and being treated suspiciously by the same government that sent you to war.

This is a 13 minute trailer on the “made for TV” movie, but it is inspiring in its content.  It just might help some of us understand why the 2nd Amendment is so vital to our survival.  It was the veterans who fought back against the corruption in Tennessee in 1946.



My guest this week is Ms Marti Oakley, a nationally known Freedom and Liberty activist, who also hosts the Truth Squad Radio Show on BlogTalk Radio.  More

The Virtual Wars: How Hacktivism Finally Became a Powerful Virtual Weapon


Source: frugaldad.com

Hacking might not be something you think of very often in terms of major conflicts. The Internet has been around for a relatively small portion of history, but today it represents a serious battleground for many different kinds of conflict, from the petty to the monumental.

This infographic takes a look at how hacking has become a weapon in many kinds of conflict. From governments gathering information on people they perceive as in opposition all the way to types of political speech, hacking and “hacktivism,” are on the rise.

I found it especially interesting that most hackers are located in the United States—66% of them, in fact. It’s becoming such a common thing that I feel like everyone should be aware of it—and aware that it’s a weapon wielded by governments and parties on all sides of conflict. Hacking has evolved far beyond online thieves and fraud: these days it’s a much more complex and versatile thing.

View the info graphic from Frugaldad here: More

Unwanted pregnancies: Immaculate conceptions revisited


Marti Oakley    copyright 2012


The double standard is alive and well when dealing with women’s health care and what is available and covered by insurance or government programs.  If you are a woman it is most likely your insurance company will not pay for contraception and many pharmacies won’t fill the prescription even if it is to treat a medical condition or used as a preventative treatment.  If you get pregnant?  Ummm………tough crunchies.

If you are a male, you have it made.  We’ll pay for your impotence problem, and if you are involved in an unwanted pregnancy, we will do everything we can to make sure you are never held accountable for your part in this event.  And the women who try to speak up in defense of women’s health or reproductive rights?  There is no end to the list of names we will use to denigrate, humiliate and belittle her and this will most likely be done by men who keep mistresses, hire prostitutes, frequent strip clubs and adult book stores. But hey!  That’s what a man does!

For me, the most tragic part of this situation is that women have reduced themselves to the level of men when it comes to sex.  Obviously all the efforts to marginalize, to reduce the value of, and to objectify women has worked; many women have come to believe they have no value other than what they can offer sexually.

Where is that He-Man now? More

Veterans to march on GOP convention in August in support of Ron Paul


John Boering


Many Democrats and Republicans are joining with Independents in support of Ron Paul.  As the MSM continues to try to ignore Ron Paul, our veterans are coming out in support of his candidacy.  The GOP which is desperate to make sure Obama is re-elected has rigged primaries and caucas results, omitting or refusing to permit delegates for Ron Paul.  http://reason.com/blog/2012/02/18/paul-wins-washington-county-still-loses

Homeland Security has claimed that returning veterans from the illegal wars present a risk……..they could be possible domestic terrorists.  That’s a mighty fine thank you for those who volunteered to put them selves in harms way and who then later realized they had been sent to war, not to protect America’s freedom, but more on behalf of global corporations and central bankers.

Ask your self why, when Ron Paul’s election would be virtually guaranteed if the Republican party supported his candidacy, they refuse to do so?  What political party runs one man who is devoid of any personality at all, another who is religious nut, and a third that is lacking in morality or ethics? And the Republicans think one of these three are potential winners? In what alternate universe?

A march on the GOP convention in August is planned by our veterans in support of Ron Paul.  If you can attend, please do so.

Keep in mind that MSM refused to cover this event that occured in February 2012 as hundreds of veterans marched on the White House in support of Ron Paul.

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