Marti Oakley

Copyright 2012


The battle over vaccinations is heating up as more information, much of it previously hidden from the public, finds it way into the public eye.  Spurred by the massive rise in autism, neurological disorders, behavioral disorders and a host of physical symptoms and impairment’s in correlation with the administration of vaccines, parents have become increasingly wary of allowing vaccination of their infants and toddlers.

The elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about is the rise of infectious diseases in vaccinated populations.  The vaccines, we are told, are [thought] to prevent these diseases.  They [think] they will prevent disease.

  • Not one manufacturer has proven conclusively, or can produce any concrete evidence that they do.
  • How successful can a vaccine actually be if hundreds if not thousands die from the vaccine or are permanently injured from it?
  • If the vaccine causes at least as many deaths as the disease itself causes, what is the point of vaccinating?
  • If it also creates lifetime impairment’s  that are as bad and most times worse than those that would have occurred from the disease…….what have we actually accomplished?
  • And, if vaccines actually do provide immunity, why are booster’s needed even into adulthood in many cases?
  • If we interfere with the natural courses of disease, have we not prevented the very herd immunity big pharma claims is created with vaccines?

At what point did we decide that there was to be an accepted or anticipated level of death associated with vaccines or any medication for that matter?   And why would any one continue to insist on harmful vaccines when obviously the vaccinated individual can still contract the disease?

The difference between efficacy and efficiency

We are faced continually with the twisting and contorting of language, done to fool the listener or reader into believing the meaning of a word(s) is one thing, when actually what is being said has an entirely different meaning.  So it is with the words efficacy and efficiency.  Vaccine promoters constantly use the word efficacy to imply that the vaccines are efficient.

Efficacy simply means that the probability of a benefit to individuals in a defined population from a medical technology applied for a given medical problem under ideal conditions of use is possible, not proven or conclusive; simply assumed to be so.  Efficiency on the other hand, implies that a proven method, product or model is working at optimum.  The efficency of vaccines in producing a damaged generation of children cannot be argued with.  The efficiency of vaccines to prevent disease is questionable.  Again, if you cause as much or more damage, death and harm as the disease would have caused……what have you accomplished?  In my estimation, you have simply traded one cause of death for another, and created a different set of symptoms, sickness and lifetime impairment now linked to the vaccines.

Money, money and more money

It is virtually impossible to comprehend the amount of money given under [humanitarian] aid, foreign aid, grants, subsidies, charities, philanthropy and numerous other sources for decades, to third world countries whose populations were and are considered disposable.  These funds supposedly go to fighting world hunger, providing clean sources for water and sanitation and reducing poverty.  Somewhere along the line, these ideas got derailed too when it was decided that third world countries provided not only a means for funneling cash to various entities for hidden agendas, but could also be a source for repeatedly testing [vaccines] and other highly suspect pharmacological products.

Considering the massive amounts of foreign aid given to Africa for instance, I have to wonder why there is not a well every few yards or so, and toilets on every corner.  Why is anyone there suffering from hunger?  It is the lack of clean water, sanitation and food that is the breeding ground for disease.  Wouldn’t the more prudent, cost effective thing to do be to provide or help create clean water sources, sanitation and food?  We keep giving money to these countries supposedly to do those very things and yet those things never materialize……….but toxic medications and vaccines are there in abundance.

Where did all this money go that was supposed to provide these things?  And when did someone decide that rather than do these relatively simple and inexpensive things it would be more productive to begin loading the populations with deadly vaccines and medications so that the pharmaceutical companies along with many government agencies could track the affects on already weakened human beings.

Its all about the money.  Whether vaccines work as some want to believe they do or whether they don’t as most of us believe, your health, my health, or the health of third world populations was never the foremost consideration.  The profits from selling vaccines are massive even when it is known that the efficacy, the simple idea that they might work, is highly questionable.  When they are found to contain hidden agents meant to sterilize vulnerable populations, the pharmaceutical ATM’s never stop collecting the cash.  Even when caught contaminating vaccines as they did in the Phillipines in 1995 and in Nigeria in 2004  with sterilization components the cash machine rolled on.  In the Phillipines it is estimated that 40% of the women were sterilized before anyone caught on to what was being done to them.

The vaccine programs continue unabated

There are many instances of vaccines intended for flu’s or other diseases being laced with ingredients and chemicals for something else entirely.  Even when manufacturers are caught red-handed governments and world agencies continue to buy questionable vaccines.  Most recently was the contamination of so-called flu vaccines with mutated versions of the live flu virus sent to  multiple countries.  Had these vaccines actually been used on the public there is no doubt that widespread sickness and death would have occurred which would have set the fear of pandemic into motion.  It would have been a grand opportunity for massive profits had the plan to stage the pandemic been successful.  Millions would have lined up around the world begging for a vaccine that would most likely have killed them.  But they or their government would have had to pay for the dose first……and thats all that matters, apparently.

Don’t think for a minute that vaccination is a life-long defense against a disease.  It isn’t.  Not only that, the occurance of sub-clinical infections, meaning those infected with a disease but mild to moderately, are far higher in vaccinated groups than in non vaccinated groups.

Vaccines are so questionable, and the damage from them so common that our own government set up the Vaccine Injury Court to shield manufacturers from liability for the harm caused by their deadly products.

Third world countries just suck up their losses and bury their dead and in effect, so do we.


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