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Please welcome Liz Bowen to our show!

Liz Bowen is president of Scott Valley Protect Our Water a grass roots group that organized after a Protest against the California Department of Fish and Game in May of 2010. The Fish and Game had came up with a NEW Permit, which would charge landowners to open their small headgates to their ditches in order to obtain their legal water right allotment. Farmers and ranchers in Siskiyou County, at the top of the State of California, did not believe they needed the new Permit to get their irrigation water and so planned a Protest in downtown Etna, which is two blocks long. Population in Etna is about 750. The thought of a Protest scared off the Fish and Game officials, so the 100 folks that showed up to Protest walked up a few buildings to the Masonic Hall and held their own meeting naming their new group Scott Valley Protect Our Water.

(I had been involved in organizing several Tea Party events in 2009 and 2010, but I was up on the issues and threats, because I was an agricultural reporter for 30 years for local newspapers. I literally wrote the demise of the timber industry throughout the 1990s.)


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