Joseph A Olson, PE

The author is a retired engineer and lifelong student of science and history.  He is the researcher and author to over 100 web posted articles on these subjects and co-author of “Slaying the Sky Dragon”.  More of his work is posted at along with extended biography, television news coverage and talk radio interviews.


Thankfully, humanity is emerging from the second Medieval Period.  We are entering Le Renaissance Nouveau as the French would say.  This maturation process will free us from adolescent games, to pursue more thoughtful and productive pastimes.  When I was a child, I thought as a child.  It is time to put away those childish things.

No matter the complexity, there is always an analogy that can make the big into little, the complex into simple.  We are witnessing a tectonic shift in human conscience and organization.  We are now aware that there are those among us who have been playing games for their own evil ends.  The best way to expose the actions of the elite is to compare their games with the games of our youth.

              Playing Pinata Planet

In this game, the elite fashion the globe into a fragile, crepe-paper covered,  paper-mache container full of goodies and dangles it on a string above a blindfolded, dizzy child swinging a stick.  Simple analogies, though useful, need some clarifications.

The dizzy, blindfolded child in this case is a malicious, paternalistic human subset that has tormented the human family for centuries.  Always at war with their neighbors or themselves, this adolescent has been mired in their quest for a seventh century vision of perfection.  The Nouveau Renaissance will remove the blindfold and the dizzy, mad swinging of their religious stick.

Half of the population in this subset are women, subject to the most cruel and insufferable station of any group on this planet.  There is nothing divine about forced marriage, multiple wives or subjugation of the basic human rights to education, employment and property.  For generations these women have suffered from male ordered genital mutilation.  This barbarism against these women, their sisters and their mothers will no longer be passed on to their Renaissance daughters.  The victim of rape will no longer be stoned to death for having a force of attraction that can overcome the purity of their brother’s will power.

The piñata in this case is not the classic party model either.  This goodie stuffed gourd has a mighty stick of its own, but in this case the piñata is also blindfolded and spinning on its string.  The elite are heavily invested war profiteers and a meaningful counter strike would be a ‘game-ender’ and obstruction to the real game, world domination.

The piñata will end the media induced spinning and blindness.  The piñata will free itself from the elitist string and use its stick in a just and righteous way to provide opportunity for all humanity.  The piñata will then burst forth with goodies from this increased knowledge and productivity.     

                     The Cake Walk

In this simple game everyone takes a number and walks on numbered squares in a circle until the music stops.  The lucky winner is standing on the number of the cake that is on offer.  The elitists have rigged this game by providing most of us with numbers that are imagined.  Since we can never stand on the ‘correct’ number the elitist probability of getting all the cake are increased.

What had worked for the elite in the Savings and Loan fraud, the Dot Com fraud and the Banking fraud, just needed to work one more time.  To make this last game work, the evil elite needed to corrupt a feeble branch of science into declaring a ‘human caused disaster’,  in the words of our fearless leader.  In this case, if you EXHALE you are a threat to the planet.   Human mass extermination is then properly viewed as beneficial to the planet.

The elite suffered a real set-back in this game when the ‘East Anglia Event Horizon’ exposed the ‘numbers racket’ behind the greatest tax and power grab in all of history.  This has been a game-ending setback on two fronts.  First it reduced the level of funding and control which caused a reduction in available positions on the NWO organizational chart.  Hence, some former insider Goldman Sachs ‘players’ are now to be sidelined.  The second problem was the premature resetting of the game clock, as the ‘mark’ now had time and reason to review the phony science, before the planned end game.

          Photo-shopping for Fun & Profit

This is a new pastime and not really a game, but has been totally underutilized by the elitists.  They have photo-shopped polar bears on ice floes to dramatize the arctic demise.  Madison Avenue has already accustomed us to polar bears sipping Coca-Cola thru straws,  so why not expand on that image.  We all know that Santa Claus lives at the North Pole.  We all know that hockey sticks are important to the climate math model and that human gases have increased the ultra violet light dangers.

What we must now see are images of polar bears, in sun glasses, sipping cola and playing hockey against Santa and his elves on the last remaining polar ice field.  A picture is worth a thousand words and with proper photo-shopped pictures our children may no longer even need words.  Think of the savings to our educational system if children are freed from reading and writing.  There will be far more time for them to sing praises to our chairman and to fashion the necessary ‘iron rice bowl’ for their diminished future life under the NWO plans.

   King on the Mountain, Capture the Flag, Hide and Seek

In passing, a brief mention of a few more of our favorite childhood games.  In ‘King on the Mountain’ we chose a high point and someone is chosen king.  All approach and try to push or pull that king from the top.  In no time, there is a bully at the top and with no chance of succession.  Everyone but the king quickly tires of this game.

In ‘Capture the Flag’ two sides are chosen, a line drawn and a flag posted for each side.  Players take turns dashing over the line for the flag, but if caught are removed from the game.  The elite keep pushing our team members over the line for capture and removal with no strategy to actually capture any opponent’s flag.

The ancient favorite ‘Hide and Seek’ has a metaphorical twist.  In this version it is the truth, the levers of power, our national wealth and the temperature decline, among other things that are hidden.  Humanity is ‘IT’ and we must seek the truth. Luckily, perceptive members of humanity have found the truth on all these issues and are providing them, thru the internet to our fellow humans.

World Wide Whack-a-Mole

This game is this author’s least favorite, but is an unfortunate necessity.  In this game the proponents of the human caused climate fraud hide under the false table of respectability and pop out of holes randomly.  They make nonsensical statements that need to be refuted, but duck under the table with no chance of debate.

Never argue with an idiot, it will make both of you look stupid.  In this case the deniers of global warming could easily make the warmists appear as dumb as they are.  But we are denied the chance for debate, for honest peer review or for publication.  The magazine, Nature, has just made the science ‘whack-a-mole’ game easier.  They have published a list of 250 scientists who support the AGW fraud, as if to balance the over 30,000 scientist who have signed a petition against the AGW fraud.

The soon to be whacked list of moles will include these and the numerous editors and writers of science fiction that have labeled AGW as fact.  There will be mass re-education of Scientific Ethics and Scientific Method or there will be mass forced retirements.  Your career means nothing to the truth and the future well-being of humanity.

The End of Childhood Games

We all transcend childhood and childish games.  There are adult games that are of value in developing memory, strategy, and reading of your opponent.  Three of these adult games include poker, bridge and chess.  I will now challenge the New World Order to a simultaneous round of each of these games.

With the three tables set, let the games begin.  I will first call your bluff in poker. You do not have the funds, the force or the stealth required to win this game.  Humanity has laid their cards on the bridge table and my opening bid is seven no trumps. You have no hope of winning a single trick.   On the remaining table, my King of Truth is well castled and I call “Check”.  You are now one move from ‘Checkmate”.  Humanity will soon be freed, while you are cast into the dungeon of your making to deal with your demonic dragons.

The Spanish translation for this article is “El Sindrome del Planeta Pinata” by Dr Nasif Nahle.