Marti Oakley

copyright 2012


The attempts to take over the net, regardless of what reasons they give are indicative of a government that has removed itself so far from the people it claims to represent that I believe we are insane to even let these people assemble. Its too much like watching an invading army that is fully determined to destroy us at any cost.

Just today, another of those staged “committee hearings” was taking place in the efforts to revive the federal governments intention to launch a full frontal attack on the first amendment and free speech.  Of course no one of any consequence appeared as a witness opposing this intent to take over the net, but we did have the usual line-up of the Permanent Political Class sitting front and center ready to deliver what could be nothing less than their own personal version of the dooms-day scenario they envision for us if we do not comply with their desire to throttle the net for political purposes.

Among these political hacks who are cheering on the assault on freedom of speech was Diane Feinstein, Jay Rockefeller, Susan Collins and of course our all-time despised political puppet, good ol’ Joe Lieberman.  These characters were accompanied by Tom Ridge, Janet Napolitano and whomever else Lieberman could drag in to this stage show, willing to do their part in attempting to terrify the nation into viewing an open and free internet as not only a threat to national security, but to economic security as well. 

Personally, considering the massive wreckage that is our economy I cannot think what could possibly happen on the net that could conceivably make one iota of difference.  The fact is, it can’t and it doesn’t.

The fact is, this is not about the economy or national security.

This is about controlling your free access to information, videos, websites and other sources that our government would rather you didn’t have.  It is about the government granting itself the police state authority to expand its unfettered spying and surveillance, its dossier building on every US citizen, its expansion of “suspects” lists, blacklists, domestic terrorists lists, no-fly lists, its unlawful eavesdropping and wiretapping of US citizens, its paranoid surveillance programs and most especially bringing to halt any free flow of information that highlights, exposes or identifies the massive corruption that emanates from the District of Criminals and CRAPital Hill that has eaten away at our Republic like a cancer.

To quote a recent comment here on PPJ:  “We are insane to even let these people assemble”.  I could not agree more.

Senator Collins repeatedly referred to the economy and sited vague instances where ideas and creative interests were supposedly stolen by maybe, the Chinese.  She claimed they are stealing our inventions and ideas and that they are able to do this because we have no way of stopping them other than to pass another mindless, bloated piece of legislation.

Apparently, Senator Collins, Janet Napolitano and Tom Ridge, Jay Rockefeller and of course Joe Lieberman, are totally unaware of the TRIPS agreement to which 188 countries are signatories that protects all these grandiose designs, creations, inventions, patents, photography, genetic modifications, industrial designs, creative images, plays, poetry, music, pharmaceutical concoctions, vaccines formulas, mechanical designs, works of art, seeds, plants, hybrid animals and birds, among many, many other things.  TRIPS also includes a harmonization agreement on enforcement.  So what is the problem? You already have the agreements..use them!

It’s the same problem that existed before 9/11 and the insidious Patriot Act.  We had laws on the books dealing specifically with terrorism that were never utilized because there is not one terrorist out there who gives a damn what kind of laws we pass.  And, if the Patriot Act had actually been intended to thwart terrorism, it is a dismal failure according to reports from the FBI, Homeland Security and whatever other agency routinely hammers us with reports of suspected terror plots!

Apparently the Patriot Act, and none of the subsequent bills that followed it had any affect on terrorism at all!  And why, you ask are they not effective?  Because the focus of every one of those bills beginning with the Patriot Act was NOT terrorists. The focus was the striking down of Constitutional protections and direct assaults on US citizens under the false flag of fighting terrorism.

Every bill; The Patriot Acts 1 & 2, The military Commissions Act of 2006, The John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007, and the recent abomination called the NDAA were not focused on foreign terrorists, they were focused on us…..the people of the United States.  We are the only people who are affected by provisions of these bills.  The military already had the power to kidnap, torture, imprison, try or hold indefinitely non-US citizens and were active in all these areas already.  So what did they get that they didn’t already have?

Collins went on to admonish the carefully chosen panel that it was urgent that this new bill be passed.  Repeatedly she cried about cybersecurity, cyber attacks, hacking and how vulnerable the government was to these activities.  Really??  The government has spent billions and billions of dollars supposedly assembling the most advanced, stat-of-the-art systems in the world…….and these are vulnerable to hackers?  She continued saying that this could seriously affect our economy.  In what way?  Maybe what she meant was that it could seriously impact the corporations that keep the District of Criminals awash in funds.

This hearing was nothing more than another stage show, as all of them are.  At one point, Lieberman mentioned that “Dirty Harry” Reid wanted the new bill brought to the floor as soon as possible.  I suppose “Dirty Harry” has another of his dirty deals in works like the one he pulled off with the fake food safety bill.  And I have no doubt that should the fight against this bill reach the levels it did on SOPA, 99 Democrats and Republicans will voluntarily exit the senate chamber so Dirty Harry can cast another of his infamous “one unanimous vote” after gutting one bill and replacing the text with the arbitrary bill as an amendment.

The only thing this new bill will do is to limit our access to the internet, and to use it freely.  I have to wonder how many of the telecoms are behind this, hoping to parcel out the net.  This bunch has tried everything to get a bill passed that would limit access, would interfere with free speech and halt the free flow of information.

PIPA, the bill supposedly aimed at protecting children from online pornography was such a flagrant piece of bait legislation, (we’re doing it for the kids!  You do love the kids don’t you?) and SOPA was to protect us from online piracy.  How many of us are worried about that?  So if we can’t be baited with our kids and now they tried baiting us with “they” are stealing our stuff!” what is next?

The fact is, if this was actually what their concerns were, they would have done something about it.  Obama would have issued an executive order, or Congress would have ceded power and authority they don’t possess to one of their Gestapo agencies like Homeland Security to implement by rule and regulation.

I find it odd that they have no trouble locating any one of us, but they can’t find an online pornographer. At least a few of the people behind this should check the history on their computers where I am sure there is ample information on pornography.

The actual problem isn’t pornographers, and it isn’t the economy or national security.  The actual problem is that our government and its jackboot spy agencies spend massive amounts of time, energy, resources, equipment and massive wads of cash spying on us!  Collecting billions and billions of bits of absolutely useless information about people here in the US only because they are on the net.  If all of this paranoid energy was spent looking for actual important information, narrowing the focus to actual threats or possible plots, we could all rest a little easier. But, considering the massive waste of resources and the mountains of useless information unlawfully gathered, a plot could develop right on their computer screens, and they would most likely miss it.  This may be the reason why they create fictional threats that we later find out about.

We are being dictated to and controlled by what in essence has become a hostile foreign government.  The reconstruction of our government into an entity separate from us, fearful of us, embroiled in its own paranoid fantasies as a result of the massive corruption within its ranks, produces ever more threatening legislation and assumptions of power.  For more than two decades, whether Democrat or Republican controlled, the federal government has been systematically, incrementally, reconstructing itself, morphing into a full police state.

This Permanent Political Class knows far better than we do just how badly they have betrayed us.  But!  The net makes it possible for us to uncover the corruption. And this IS in my opinion exactly why they want to take it down.