Marti Oakley

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We are being preconditioned for another war of aggression, this time against Iran. We are being systematically deceived into thinking that Iran is now out to get us.  Maybe they are…now.  Let me see, we have cut off major food supplies, put a wrench in their banking system and messed up their economy, and have positioned several of our warships in the Straights of Hormuz showing them that we are a clear and present danger to their continued existence.  They might just be upset with us.  Ya think?

Announcements on cable news shows and subsequent statements by US officials claim that Israel is contemplating attacking Iran this spring some time.  These statements are issued with a casualness of announcing a garden party.  For some reason it is unacceptable for Iran to have nuclear weapons, but quite alright for Israel to have more than 200 bunker buster mini nukes at their disposal provided to them by our government.

Three days after the initial announcement of this preplanned war of aggression in MSM venues,  newspaper headlines across the country claimed “Iran planning attacks inside the US”.  Personally, I believe that this is just advanced warning that future false flag attacks, perpetrated by the CIA on behalf of global interests will occur in the US.  Of course, Iran will be blamed immediately, we’ll blow them off the map and ten years from now we’ll find out the whole thing was rigged and based on fictional events that never happened; at least not by the people we thought caused them.  Don’t worry though.  There will never be an honest investigation, no charges will ever be filed against those who really did attack us, and evidence will be destroyed faster than you can strike a match.

But we sold Israel those nukes and once the weapons were delivered, the stage was set.

From USA Today:

“With the sale of deep-penetrating bombs called GBU-28 Hard Target Penetrators, Obama is satisfying a weapons request Israel first made during the Bush administration.

Israel’s request for bunker-busters in 2005 was denied. At the time, the Defense Department had frozen most military sales to Israel because of concerns Israel was transferring advanced military technology to China. [end quote]

While the Israeli government and military may now be in possession of nuclear weapons, it is the people of Israel who will pay the price if any of those weapons are used. The Israeli people have found themselves in the same position as Americans in the US; pawns, cannon fodder and totally expendable as far as their government is concerned.  Like us, the Israeli people have no say, no control over their government or what it does.

I believe the only thing that will stop this is the unspoken threat that if Israel launches attacks on Iran, many other mid-eastern countries will join forces and move against Israel.  And who will pay for that?  The puppet masters behind the scenes that set all of this into motion?  Or will it be the people of Israel and the populations of other mid-eastern countries that will be sacrificed to the global war machine that systematically raids and plunders one country after another, selling off the assets of those countries to global corporations which have a vested interest in the outcome.

But there is more to this.

Iran along with Russia recently dropped the US dollar as the reserve currency moving to its own currency and other world currencies.  Most affected by this was the oil trade, but it also further removed Iran from the grips of the World Bank/Central Banking cartel.  And you know what we do to countries that refuse to be part of the World Bank and who nationalize the oil profits!  Well…..just ask Libya

From USA Today:

“During the last two years Iran has been replacing the dollar with other currencies in its world trade.

Iran has replaced the dollar in its oil trade with India, China, and Japan. Late in November the Reserve Bank of India issued the needed permission to the Central Bank of Iran to open rupee accounts with two Indian banks, UCO and IDBI, as a long-lasting solution to the two countries’ payment problems. [end quote]

Iran sits atop three of the largest known oil fields in the world and has the audacity to refuse to let the global cartels in to raid and plunder them.   It is also the last of the mid-eastern countries that operated independent of US influence, the World Bank and global oil cartels.

With all of the hyped up propaganda coming from cable news shows, government officials and others, its hard to know what is true and what is not regarding statements supposedly made by Iranian leaders with regards to Israel.  Its not like it would be the first time our government and its parrots lied to us not only about the reasons for war, but also about why they were so determined to start one.

Bear in mind that our own government sanctioned the airing of fictional tapes supposedly showing Bin Laden threatening us, which the CIA had to later admit were phony.

I am waiting for the usual “human rights” violations claim that always precedes an attack on a country that refuses to submit to our demands.

If all else fails and Americans don’t seem to be fully engaged in the war machine, human rights violations are always the hat trick.  Women and children will be used to describe horrendous conditions that require military action to correct.  Next will come the claim that the Bible says we should attack another country because that is what God wants and if we are good Christians and want to do God’s work we cannot object or we risk being sent to some imaginary hell.

Afghanistan is a perfect example of this.  Claiming that Afghan women were being abused and killed by Afghan men and their government (and they were/are!) we rolled into that country and blew it to bits, covered it with depleted uranium, and rescued and saved not one woman or child.  But hey!  Those Afghan poppy fields, controlled by the CIA are banging right along with record production.  And we are still there.  After all, the oil is still there and so are the poppy’s.  And, so are the women encased in their canvas prisons.

While we systematically attack and destroy one mid-eastern country after another, we simultaneously label their leaders as “madmen, despots, brutal dictators” and assorted other words that invoke images that somehow we separate ourselves from, failing to recognize the madmen and dictators in front of us.

Then we label their armies as terrorist organizations.  At the same time, we engage in kidnappings for torture and destroy for eternity the water supplies, vegetation and soil of the country we invaded with depleted uranium.  We kill off hundreds of thousands of indigenous people, destroy their homes and label them as “enemy combatants” if they try to defend their homes and families.  We hold prisoners that have never been charged with any crimes and even where there is no evidence that they committed any crime and among these prisoners are many children.

And what about our own despotic leaders?  Bush 2? Obama? Are they in fact any different than the leaders of foreign countries we have invaded?

If a foreign army invaded us would you surrender or fight to defend your land, home and family?  Most of us would fight to the death.

Why do we expect the people of nations we have invaded with the intent of occupation to lay down their arms, to surrender everything they have and to just lay down?  We wouldn’t do it.  Yet we stood by and allowed our government to declare that anyone who resisted the occupation was an enemy combatant.  How can you be an enemy combatant in your own country?  I suppose we are about to find out now that the NDAA has been passed to compliment the 2006 Military Commissions Act, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007 and the insidious Patriot Acts; all parts of the intent by our own government to reduce us, its own citizens, to combatant/domestic terrorist status for political dissent and failure to comply.

In reality, who is the terrorist government here?  Whose army marches relentlessly into foreign countries?  We have sent thousands of our own military to their deaths while claiming that we are liberating a nation only to find out that global corporations had divvied up the assets of that country before the first shot was fired and that liberation was the last thing our government had in mind.  And our wounded soldiers?  We leave them in the streets or lie about what we did to them after exposing them to depleted uranium, contaminated vaccines, pesticides, and other biological and germ warfare testing.

While we hear the beating of yet another war drum we need to ask ourselves: At what point will these other countries along with some larger ally such as China or Russia, decide that WE are a terrorist nation and a threat to world peace?  When will they look at our growing history of wars of aggression, human rights violations, our torturing of people we have kidnapped from their countries, our bombing of water supplies and destruction of agricultural sectors and contamination of absolutely everything with depleted uranium and god knows what else?

At what point do we admit that we have become what we claimed to despise? We are not a peaceful nation.  When will other nations of the world use the same weak arguments, the same propaganda to come after us?  When will the rest of the world reach the consensus that we represent a threat to world peace? And when will they decide that the only option they have is to form a coalition and invade us?