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Please join Ruthie this week Feb 16th, 2012 with Guest:  Cynthia Davis

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Short Bio:


Some of her legislative successes include being the first legislator to file the Healthcare Freedom Act, the impetus behind “Proposition C” protecting our state from Obama-care. Cynthia is also credited for removing abortion providers from our public school classrooms. As the Chairman of the Children and Families Committee, she was a tireless champion of parental rights, protecting the unborn and marriage legislation. She filed several gun rights bills to strengthen the right of citizens to protect themselves and signed on to 2 lawsuits that went before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Cynthia is campaigning for the office of Lt. Governor, which is the only elected office who is a member of both the legislative and the executive branches of government and who will preside over the Senate. With nearly 20 yrs. experience “inside the belly of the beast”, when elected, you can rest assured she will stand up and speak out and continue to raise the “iron shade” on both the General Assembly and the Governor’s office. She will keep her “Eagle Eyes” focused on both major parties and hold them to a constitutional standard.

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