Contact:           Lou Ann Texeira, Executive Officer

Phone:             925-335-1094

The Contra Costa Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) is currently accepting applications for the Regular and Alternate Public Member seats.

LAFCO is an independent agency created by the State of California.  LAFCO is charged with encouraging orderly governmental boundaries and efficient services, discouraging urban sprawl, and preserving agricultural and open space resources.  The Commission meets these objectives by regulating the boundaries of cities and special districts and conducting municipal service reviews and other special studies.

Contra Costa LAFCO is composed of seven voting members and four alternates.  These include two members and an alternate from the County Board of Supervisors, two members and an alternate from city councils, two members and an alternate from independent special district boards, and one public member and one alternate public member.  Alternate members participate in meetings, but vote only when the regular member is absent or has a conflict of interest.

The Commissioners will screen applications and make the appointment. The term of office for the open public member seats is four years expiring in May 2016.

Contra Costa LAFCO meetings are typically held on the second Wednesday of each month at 1:30 pm in Martinez.  The Commission can call special meetings if necessary.  Commissioners receive a $150 stipend per meeting.  Commissioners are not employees of LAFCO and receive no employee benefits.

Requirements:  Applicants must be a resident of Contra Costa County, able to regularly attend LAFCO meetings, have a general understanding of LAFCO functions and authorities, and cannot be officers or employees of a county, a city, or a special district in Contra Costa County.  The public members are considered public officials and are required to file a standard annual financial disclosure statement with the California Fair Political Practices Commission.

In order to be considered, a completed application form must be received in the Contra Costa LAFCO office located at 651 Pine Street, Sixth Floor, Martinez, CA  94553 by 5:00 pm, Friday, March 9, 2012. Applications may be submitted by email, fax or U.S. mail; post marks will not be accepted. To download an application form, and for more information about Contra Costa LAFCO, please visit our website at, or contact the LAFCO office at 925-335-1094.