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Mary Nash Stoddard, internationally recognized expert on aspartame joins us for this special broadcast to update us on the issue of aspartame.  Aspartame, one of the most well known and lethal artificial sweetners is still found in more than 6,000 products on store shelves.  The FDA refuses to recall the use of this deadly product.

Research, recommended reading and documentary’s on Aspartame.

* EFSA decision to not address safety issues, such as ADI for Aspartame in the EU.
* 01/09/11 – Dr. OZ Show airs major concerns re: Aspartame Artificial Sweeteners
* Impact of new book by leading Aspartame researcher, Dr. Woodrow Monte. *”While Science Sleeps” now available in ebook form.
* Is it a good idea to tax regular sodas and not tax diet sodas?
* Childhood Obesity epidemic. Taking sugar out – Putting Aspartame into our schools the Answer?
* Paula Deen: Another Aspartame User Headed for Trouble Now As Type 2 Diabetic?
* Mary explains the “Smoking Gun” finger-stick test that proves Aspartame causes loss-of-control of blood sugar levels.
Scientists attached to the Réseau Environnement Santé (RES) in France are urging the French Minister of Health to inform women about the dangers of aspartame during pregnancy.
* Newest Documentary on Aspartame Creates Stir in France:
* Stevia – Healthy Alternative to Aspartame, Approved Jan., 2012 for use in Israel
* Disturbing study from prestigious Italian Researcher shows new evidence of Aspartame’s carcinogenic properties.
* Dec. 2011 – Beverage trade magazine reports Aspartame On Its Way Out: