By W. R. McAfee, Sr.

Copyright © 2012 by W. R. McAfee, Sr.  All rights reserved.


The First Gulf war, fought to check Saddam Hussein’s attempt to take over Kuwait and its oil reserves, set off a series of Middle East military conflicts that have lasted more than two decades. Tragically, many veterans of these conflicts have returned home with serious medical problems; both physical and mental.

The VA, charged with meeting the medical needs of these veterans’  has been found lacking; sheer numbers, lack of funding, and incompetence being the most often cited reasons.

Medical problems for a large portion of these veterans  may very well have originated from the handling of—and battlefield exposure to—contaminated areas where U.S. ordinance containing depleted uranium (DU, or U238); used in the First Gulf war and all subsequent Middle East conflicts.

Radiation sickness at first appeared an obvious option for the veterans’ illnesses, but this was quickly tossed into the  Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) kettle, and later repositioned in the public’s mind as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Depression, headaches, weakness, fatigue, and multiple physical complications that varied among individuals, often accompany this exposure.

Yet, federally funded researchers didn’t make the radiation connection  following the First Gulf war—over in a few days because the distribution of the world’s oil supply was threatened—because congress and their handlers knew from the get-go there was not, and would not be, enough money in their U.S. piggy bank to fund the medical needs of these returning veterans’ once lawyers sunk their teeth into the causes of their illnesses, in my opinion.

Investigative reporter Katherine Russ wrote an accurate summary about the results of this  delayed medical care for our veterans , and a May 2011 ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals  directly addressed their mental health needs.

Following the First Gulf war, the military launched a “research” effort aimed at finding the “real” reason behind the “mysterious Gulf War syndrome” that so many of the soldiers “seemed to have picked up” from . . .  “exposure” to Saddam Hussein’s chemicals or chemical weapons that the U.S. furnished him to try out on the Kurds as well as his Iranian enemies?  No, not that.  Maybe it was caused by the bite from a bug or sand flea found only in the deserts there?   No, not that.  Maybe it was from the burning oil wells and pollution?  No, not that. Could it be the smorgasbord of pre-deployment inoculations they received prior to deployment?  No no, not that.  Well then, how about radiation sickness?  Oh no, there’s little danger from DU weapons. Nothing to see there.  Well then, could it be some sort of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) syndrome?  By Jove. . .that has to be it! What else could it be!?

Year after year following the First Gulf war, millions of dollars in DoD grants were shoveled to selected “researchers” with a see-what-you-can-find -out-about-GWS directives whose papers were dutifully published, and whose conferences were dutifully held and attended; but they “. . .couldn’t quite get  to the source of the vets’ problems without more research grants and study.”

Government denial of DU exposure carried into the new century while First Gulf war veterans , and those that followed, struggled with illnesses and endless government paperwork.

The people who initiated the Middle East invasions under the 9/11 pretext—no Muslim terrorists armed with box cutters flew planes on 9/11 —knew what the consequences would be from sending our fighting men and women into combat with ammunition made with DU; knew they would be fighting in contaminated areas  where DU ordinance exploded,; knew they would be exposed alongside Middle East populations.

At least a third of all who served in the Middle East during the past couple decades have come home with medical problems other than combat wounds. This exposure of our servicemen, and their subsequent understanding of their problems via the Internet could possibly explain why Washington has made it illegal for many returning vets, now-diagnosed with PTSD, to purchase firearms.  It seems that any head trauma or anxiety or accompanying mental or stress disorders noted by any doctor—Army  or civilian—in their records, for any  reason, disqualifies veterans from purchasing hunting rifles or firearms.

Could the reason for this be the fact that a huge demonstration of disgruntled WWI vets —most of whom had looked the wolf in the eye on the battlefield—confronted Congress and their monied handlers in Washington during the 1930s in (the middle of America’s first banker-generated Great Depression) over their postponed pension payments?  Such a demonstration would not have been lost on today’s Wizards of Oz who keep track of significant historical events like a veteran’s march on Washington that could, if it occurred again later, disrupt plans for their global government. Might their elite grand daddies have passed down the scene they witnessed from  Capitol Hill; one of thousands of disgruntled veterans surrounding the Capitol?

I think so.

The Middle East has cost America dearly in lives and treasure and good will for. . . what, oil fields?. . .to irradiate populations? . . .to satiate a bunch of London-headquartered financial criminals’ appetites for more war profit and nations’ resources and global control? What is the thinking behind insanity that sets lose a U-238 with a billion year life span to circle the globe in the great dust storms?  Have American servicemen been used to assist these financial criminals in over-throwing leaders of countries who owned their own central banks; the reason being to replace those central banks with ones owned by the London bankers?  This happened in Iraq and Libya and, well, everywhere an  “Arab spring” occurred/is occurring. Most of the “Arab Spring” countries had/have their own banks and currency and —like Libya  —were debt-free. Was the selling of oil for gold, or in currencies other than the dollar by these “Arab spring” countries cause for alarm for the London bankers?  Were the London money changers afraid these countries might spawn independent, self-reliant democracies they could not control like they do with the monopoly money their central banks print and sell to countries in order to control those countries through the money they sell them;  America included?

The latter would be a safe bet.

What we’re witnessing, in my opinion, is an ongoing catastrophe unleashed by financial despots on the world. The money changers rationalize their central banks can print all the fiat funny money needed for their military peccadilloes, which in turn provides massive profits for the few [of them] at great cost in lives and treasure to the many [of us]; all the while keeping the masses in the dark with disinformation and propaganda and things like false flag bombings— Oklahoma City , the blind mullah and crew’s 1993 attempted Twin Towers truck bombing,  and 9/11—accompanied by appropriate and attendant propaganda disseminated through their controlled MSM outlets with each event.

Of late, Oz has been amassing gold in its central banks .

The Internet has put a light on these bilge rats, though. Which is why the so-called elite are scurrying about trying desperately to come up with a method to control the Internet and if not the Internet, its content; to which service members have the same access as the public.  Knowledge about their centuries-old schemes, scams, and cons have become public, thanks to the ‘Net, and their deceptions and lies will continue to die there unless they come up with a way to control web.

Meantime, a global awakening tsunami rolls on, thanks to the Internet.

If, and this is a big if, the elite could generate a vaccine for radiation poisoning for themselves, and another that would immunize them from the ills they’ve  deliberately set loose on the rest of the world with faux pandemics and contaminated vaccines and genetically modified food that sterilizes and makes people sick; all in order to fulfill an old England-originated world population extermination plan funded originally by the likes of Cecil Rhodes and the nobles who came up with this in-bred madness; I guess to fulfill a population reduction fantasy until they are the only people left standing; at which time, it must be assumed, they plan open the arctic seed vault  they built with a bomb-proof door north of Norway that’s stocked with an indefinite supply of the world’s natural, non-genetically modified seeds so they can have organic cornflakes for breakfast whenever they want; thus sustaining them so they can do the world a favor by propagating and populating it with proper seed from themselves; reproducing their line for the planet into the happy ever-after; establishing, finally, in their minds, the pure Aryan race that a surrendering British general told George Washington they—the London financiers—planned to have to dominate the world even then; and, well,  here they are—even after Hitler’s  “purification” attempt—having another go at it.

This insanity is fixed in their minds even as the population in the developed world is declining and the population of the developing world is leveling. We can feed another 3-4 billion.  Easily.

The problem is not over population, but one of food distribution to the people who need it.

The muddled Middle East fiasco originated  from prefabricated boogeymen-briefs fed to presidents as far back as Bush I and beyond. Our presidents are complicit, but not to blame for this.  They have neither the power, the smarts,  nor the resources to pull off something like a world government or currency. They work for The City in London ; political tools controlled by a small group of English money changers who, along with U.S. confederates like Goldman Sachs and Chase, own and control Wall Street, our money (that congress is supposed to print, according the Constitution), and our central bank—the Fed—along with every other central bank in the world now with the exception of Iran, North Korea, and Cuba.

No, the people behind what the world is experiencing today have been organized and at their deceit for centuries;  hiding behind America’s Constitution while they’ve worked to destroy it.  Using the trillions amassed from the sale of war materiel over the centuries,  the Rothschild dynasty that’s headquartered in The City in the middle of London controls, by one estimate, some two-thirds of the world’s money as well as the English socialist monarchy which they trot out as public cover; hiding even there behind their ermined  robes; scheming and backing evils like genetically modified foods  that sterilize and harm populations (including Americans); and things like Agenda 21 that they sponsored along with its accompanying US EPA legislation/law—all rubber-stamped by American legislators with bulging bank accounts stuffed with banker gratuities—crafted to confiscate and wrest control of America’s prime lands and private properties from their rightful, and Constitutionally guaranteed owners; all to be placed under of a world government which the London bankers plan to control by appointing themselves or their hand-picked footmen its lifetime, unelected leaders.

The bankers’ goal and end game in all this is martial law in America; the only nation of any consequence (to them) whose citizenry is still armed.  How they get there doesn’t matter.  Any old false flag (read: economic, pandemic, bombing, etc.) chaos or crisis will do. It is the weapons they’re after because they stand between them and their global government. Criminals through the ages have feared an armed citizenry. Today’s banksters are no different.  The work of our founders’ Constitution and its Second Amendment has kept a stiff arm in their face.

America’s weapons were what “Fast and Furious” “Fast and Furious”   was all about, in my opinion.  If one of the hundreds of “traceable”  weapons that were handed over to Mexican drug cartels at the direction of our government happened to be used in a false flag assassination-type event and “found”—like Lee Harvey Oswald’s rifle—and traced back to the gun dealer that “sold” it (at the feds’ request), then the probability of that gun dealer being thrown under a boogeyman bus like Oswald, McVeigh, and Nichols was neither remote nor improbable.

Confiscation raids on American gun shops would have followed with the simultaneous passage of prewritten “laws” that would have been introduced by purchased legislators—“to protect Americans”—whose banking accounts fatten with each false flag “crisis.” Strict gun owner licensing and restriction of gun use identical to that found in Europe, England, and Australia would have been established; availability, attrition, and control of both ammunition and arms in America being the end game of the  “Fast and Furious” charade, in my opinion.

The globe’s monied elite also had great hopes riding swine flu to global martial law after they had Director Madam Chan at their controlled world health organization (WHO) issue a level six swine flu alert for a pandemic they kept trying to start; this after three (+) years of “. . .a-pandemic-is-coming. . .” mind-prep-hysteria dutifully parroted through their MSM outlets; which was an exact duplication of their multi-year  “the-terrorists-are-coming hysteria” build-up to 9/11 that included  routine government reports and news releases using the same propaganda strategy; which the Internet neutralized following 9/11.

A shipment of H5N1 flu-contaminated vaccine  destined for citizen inoculations in Europe was discovered accidentally by a lab technician who sounded the alarm. If the vaccine had been issued to inoculate people, it probably would have initiated “the pandemic” and given the boys behind the curtain the impetus and cover needed to have Madam Chan pull the trigger on a level six pandemic warning—which would have triggered automatic martial law worldwide in all of the nations that had agreed to abide by WHO “rules” when they signed onto the banker’s World Trade Organization (WTO) “treaty;” the U.S. being one of these nations.

The Internet outed this scheme.

Then there was the bankster-bankrolled attempt to fleece billions from the world with their global warming cap and trade scam.

The Internet outed that , too.

The global elite keep trying, however, to effect their centuries-old attempt to get around America’s Second Amendment and Constitution, its case law, and the honest courts that remain.  Otherwise they would have come up with a reason of some type to initiate martial law by now, confiscated the weapons they fear like they did in Australia, and gone on down their yellow brick road toward a socialist monarchy or oligarchy or fascism or socialism or communism or some  “ism” other than the Republic our founders left us.

This is why the boys behind the curtain uniformly hate the Constitution, and work toward destroying it and the people who believe in it.

And our veterans? All they’ve asked for is help for themselves and their families; which should be given to them in spades because they deserve more than obfuscations and lies from a bunch of banker-controlled sycophants in Washington.

Much, much  more.