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Dallas teen lied about identity

DALLAS — A Dallas teenager who was deported to South America under a false name never expressed concern during jailhouse phone calls that she was being misidentified as an illegal immigrant from Colombia.

The more than two dozen recorded telephone calls reviewed by The Associated Press show 15-year-old Jakadrien Turner expected to be deported to Colombia yet did not complain of having no ties to the country.

Below is a letter to the editor published in the San Bernardino Sun, responding to articles that featured 12 illegal alien Dream students who protested Immigration Customs Enforcement, San Bernardino, CA.  The illegal aliens were arrested and subsequently released.

the article

Protester explains why she risked deportation
Sister Patriot – ROBIN”S RESPONSE

Take fight to Mexico  

Isabel Perez referenced illegal aliens who are “afraid.” They are right to be afraid – they are breaking the law.

Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform
and MN FIRE Coalition State Chapter

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