Gary Jacobucci/ PPJ Contributor


Before attending our precinct caucus on Saturday, I reflected on what had changed since we last met four years earlier. There were several things that came to mind. One was the further outsourcing of our decision making to foreign authority. This was emphasized when the war was expanded into Libya and the executive branch effectively turned our military over to the direction of NATO.

Another reflection of this was the Federal Reserve finally complying to the first time ever audit that Ron Paul and a couple of other Congressman were able to get placed on the banker bailout agreement.

It turned out to be a partial audit, but even this revealed that the privately owned Federal Reserve has created 16 trillion dollars that Congress and the American people were not aware of. This money was laundered through multinational banks and corporations and used for who know what end?

I mentioned this at our caucus meeting. A youngish looking highway patrolman was in the room with his wife and said he agreed with what I said, but he was speaking for Mitt Romney because he believed in a strong military and mentioned that his son would soon be entering the armed forces. He also believed that Romney success in business would give him the knowledge needed to turn the economy around.

I reflected back on being drafted during the buildup after the Tet Offensive that justified the war to be expanded into Laos and Cambodia. By the time the war ended, 58,000 of my generation were dead and many times that many were physically or psychologically injured. The death toll in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia was estimated at over 3 million; with many times that many injured in other ways.

I returned home to protests chants of “Hey, hey LBJ how many kids did you kill today.” It must have been someone from my generation that coined the phrase; “you can tell when a politician is lying when his lips are moving.” By and large, my generation would never trust politics or politicians again.

There were various theories as to why we were in Vietnam. CIA whistleblowers said it was to control the opiate trade in the Golden Triangle. Others said it was for the tremendous profits to be made by war profiteers. No one was saying it was to bring freedom and democracy to Vietnam.

Like WW1 that intentionally sailed the Lusitania that was packed with munitions and American passengers on board into German territorial waters that were under a declaration of war; and later Pearl Harbor, that the army investigation revealed that the executive branch knew everything the Japanese were doing, it came out thirty years after the Vietnam conflict that the Gulf of Tonkin Incident was a staged event to create public support for America to enter into a foreign war.

When the story was released nationwide, as yellow ribbons lined the trees in our area for those lost on 9-11 and support for those fighting to avenge the attack, no one was interested. That was then and this was now and there was no connection; the Federal education system had made sure of that.

The current war has multifaceted interests also. There’s the control of the opiate trade, the war profiteering and the control of the global oil markets, but the staged events of Oklahoma City and 9-11 have also given rise to a national (international) police state agenda.

The Dept. of Homeland Security is in effect the sister organization to the Federal Reserve and intends to claim authority over all law enforcement and intelligence agencies through the 70-plus Fusion Centers and mold them into a paramilitary force that views the American people as potential enemy combatants if they disagree with this hostile takeover of the U.S. governance. Both are unconstitutional, non-governmental organization and represent both sides of the “enemies, foreign and domestic” that we have sworn to defend against.

This is why I attend very few political events. The virtual reality that most people live in – the attitude that if “we just maintain business as usual, everything will work out” is hard to take.

– Gary Jacobucci