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“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.”   Theodore Roosevelt

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In each of us there lies a gland (adrenal) that activates a fight-or-flight response, when we are confronted by danger, provided that is, if a person is cognizant of the danger in the first place.  When danger to our own life or a loved one is thrust upon us, this gland injects a hormone (adrenalin) into the blood stream that almost instantly increases the heart rate and breathing rhythm.  All of our senses become super charged.  In some, this surge of adrenalin triggers instant panic and the person becomes like a deer frozen in the headlights.  In others it prepares them to meet any threat with force and energy many times their normal strength.  Under these conditions, frail little women have been known to lift a car off a victim.

However, many dangers are so subtle they do not signal their presence until it is too late to retreat or charge.  The adrenal gland is never activated.  One of the most onerous of those subtle dangers is the slow rise of government tyranny. 

As an example of not recognizing a danger, many years ago we took a trip to a farm in Nodaway County,Missouri, located in the northwest corner of the state.  We stayed on the farm for about a week.  On one of those days the skies grew dark and ominous.  Strange colors crossed the sky between the dark clouds and the air grew suddenly quiet.  You could feel the electricity almost crackling in the space around you.  

We noticed a fearful look that appeared on the faces of the owners of the farm.  They looked like the sky was going to literally fall upon them and they could be possibly standing at death’s door.  We didn’t know what to think!  What we didn’t know at the time, being from an area where tornados do not occur, the farmers were dreadfully afraid that a tornado would drop out of the steadily-darkening clouds and wipe out their farm and maybe even their lives.  You see, they were fully aware of the dangers of a tornado, but we on the other hand, had no experience with tornados and were ignorant of the horrendous damage they can inflict on lives and property.  We were not afraid because we knew not of the danger

And so it is with many Americans.  They do not recognize the growing danger as the iron grip of absolute power circles around them without them even knowing it.  Oblivious, they go on about their lives “….. living in that gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. 

Americans, if they are truly aware of the danger, can act quickly and coalesce around each other in their defense.  But the danger we face today is like a slow growing cancer inside of you, where there are no apparent symptoms.  Life goes on as usual, that is until symptoms, like less freedoms, decreasing jobs, growing debt, more draconian regulations, a police state and the looming one-world-order, start to manifest themselves.  These almost ghostly symptoms have been showing up through all of our institutions of government., special interest groups, law enforcement and even in the minds of the people, for several decades. 

Had there been an early diagnosis, the cancer could have been arrested or sent into remission.  The signs were all there and many wiser folks warned us, but the people ignored them because they were still living in that “gray twilight.”  Many still are.  Unfortunately, that makes the job of curing the “cancer” or sending it into remission that much harder ….. but not impossible.  Americans are much more resilient than that.

No, you are not powerless!  But first you need to know whom your enemy is and then you need to arm yourself with a strategy, tools and weapons that you can use effectively against your adversaries to secure a victory.  Individuals, acting as one, are more powerful than any government, provided the individuals are of one mind and they are in great number.  As we stated in last week’s column, “divided, we are hopelessly sinking into quicksand 

Before you can move against your enemy, you must be committed to victory and you must be courageous.  Anything less than that opens the door to failure.  You cannot take on your enemy where he is the strongest. (at the Federal level) You must nip at his heels where he is weak (at the local and state levels).  You must confront him with hit and run tactics.  You must show up when he least expects you.  You must coordinate your efforts and confuse and disrupt his operations.  You must be unrelenting and never give up because persistence pays off.  You have to fight until they give up, and they will give up or give in, if you persist.  We know!  We and others have done it! 

We are not talking about violence here.  We’re talking about effectively using the existing framework of our Declaration of Independence, the U. S. Constitution and the law that works in our favor.  We are talking about peacefully “pushing” the envelope until we are heard and the desired action is taken as a result of that “pushing 

As we stated, your government is weakest at the local level.  You can take him on there with some impunity.  We have developed some of the TOOLS you can use in this effort that is if you care enough and have the courage to take the “locals” on.  It all depends on just how important freedom is to you and whether you want to preserve it for your children and grandchildren.  This presidential election year will prove whether America has gone past the point of no return, or whether there are enough Americans who are committed to making a course correction before it is too late.

Ladies and gentlemen, the human spirit is truly a wonder.  That spirit is personified in many different ways, but what stands out for the rest of us is uncommon generosity, honorable leadership, heroism, or exceptional talent.   That spirit is the catalyst to spur the rest of us on to greater accomplishments. 

The inspiring words of Thomas Paine, during the American Revolutionary War, lifted the spirits of the cold, dirty, hungry and exhausted colonial soldiers that persevered, in spite of insurmountable odds, to win freedom for all of us.  Uncommon leaders, like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, led a nation that teetered on the brink of extinction at any moment, but carried us past the danger, even with all of their human flaws and the mistakes they made. 

President Reagan saw the strength in America and in Americans and he used his great oratory skills to embolden those strengths and make us feel good about being an American.  Reagan emphasized the good that he saw in us, that we could not see in ourselves.  He told us:

“Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.  It is a weapon our adversaries (including our domestic enemies) in today’s world do not have.”

A free and sovereign America is once again on the edge of extinction and “The Parallax Prophecies” predicts that somewhere there is an uncommon individual, or individuals, that will rise to lead us to victory over ourselves and the evil that invades our souls and occupies the corrupt centers of political power.  We won’t at first recognize the individual as a leader, as he will seem to be imperfect, as we all are.  But he will have a higher vision that will transcend his imperfections and he will convey that vision to the rest of us and inspire us to follow him.

That spirit of which we speak rose in the breast of a young girl who sang a song that should lift the hearts of every American and inspire each of us to have the courage to take on that domestic “enemy” which threatens our extinction as a free nation, a free nation that was conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal and that our rights are a gift from our creator, not a list of privileges granted from government which can be withdrawn on a whim.  

We encourage each of you to listen to this young girl sing her heart out in a display of musical talent that ranks at the top of the greats of all time.  You will not believe the voice that comes out of the mouth of this young, beautiful and talented child.  Chills ran up and down our spine.

Many of you already know of her.  We just learned about her as we were writing this article and it fit right in with our title, “We Are Not Powerless!”  She is a little older now and her storybook career is assured.  So let the spirit of her exceptional gift motivate you to do the things you know need to be done to preserve American liberty.  Yes, the song has some religious lyrics, but it’s not the words so much as it is the spirit of her soul that shines like a beacon of light and projected flawlessly by her music.  In closing, it is our distinct honor to present to you, 10-year old Jackie Evancho, inspirational soloist extraordinaire …..  In her name and her song, let us all “try to do the very best that we can” in the defense of liberty, for this and all future generations.

No, we are not all born with exceptional talent like Jackie Evancho, but in a free America, (as long as it remains free) we are all born with unalienable rights and equal opportunity ….. opportunity to use our talents to fulfill our desires and ambitions and to enrich the lives of others from the expression of those talents.

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