Marti Oakley

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Google has announced that as of March 1, 2012, they will have full integration of more than 60 Apps that cover all aspects of Google on the net. Marketing their email service as being more “intuitive” might give some of us the warm fuzzies but too many of us know that intuitive is simply another of those handy-dandy word swaps used to manipulate your thinking about an issue or item. “Intuitive” simply means that Google is surreptitiously scanning and recording your mail which turns out to be “surveillance” and not intuition.

To participate in a poll asking if you will cancel your google accounts conducted by the Washington Post go HERE!

Google is not the only internet service that is using or moving to these applications, but they are by far the most malignant. To deactivate any gmail accounts go HERE!

As it is, we do not use Google search or homepage. We will be shutting down all gmail accounts by the middle of February, 2012.

The intuitiveness that gmail refers to is the scanning of your incoming and outgoing communications to determine what your interests are, where you might be going, where you might be located, what your schedule might be and who all you are communicating with. This information is not only used to direct advertising to you whether you want it or not, (and who does?) but also is recorded and handed over to government spy agencies. Political interests and beliefs, religious interests, social groups you belong to, all of your contacts and of course all those “friends” on Facebook are handed over right along with your personal communications.

To see just how far this technology has progressed and what exactly Google and other internet giants are embarking on, I would suggest you take the time to read the article below from the site

Have You Posted Your Pictures on the Internet? Invasive Surveillance Technology Awaits

“Please note that as of January 2012, facebook has changed their terms of use (possibly due to overwhelming criticism) and they have modified the original phrasing excerpted below. They now state “you own all of the content and information you post on Facebook”, however you grant facebook non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any of your intellectual property content that you post in Facebook. In other words, they can still use your pictures and information at will, when they please and without your permission.”

Considering the recent efforts to pass SOPA and PIPA, and the backdoor agreement to the international ACTA agreement ( Obama maintains this was a “treaty” although he has no authority to enter into treaty’s, this is a power delegated to congress) it seems to me that Google will be in felonious violation regarding the theft of intellectual property posted on private users accounts on Facebook. Not that Google is worried about that, they are well connected in higher circles.

So the question comes down to this: Will you continue to allow this company to continue to conduct surveillance on you while at the same time bombarding you with advertisements for their business affiliations? And continue to provide them with the intimate details about your life, contacts, beliefs, and even your biometric markers so that you can be identified by spy agencies? Will you continue to post personal photos of you, your family members and friends so that all of you can be identified in some gigantic database?

I can hear some of you now: “If you haven’t done anything wrong, you wouldn’t mind them doing this”.

Really? Are you really this naïve? Are you really that conditioned and brainwashed?

Why would you allow anyone to treat you as if you are a criminal when in fact, you have done nothing wrong? Of course these are the same people who think that because an individual refuses a lie detector test, they MUST be guilty of something. Never mind that you have been put in a situation where you are viewed as guilty before you get started and never mind that you are asked loaded and skewed questions the answers to which can only be interpreted by the operator. And the answers can be interpreted any number of ways. Its all subjective. And the results are totally dependent, not on machine accuracy, but rather on the subjective attitudes of the examiner. This is the major reason they are not allowed in courts.

Of course there is this old standby: If you don’t submit to our questions/tests/warrantless searches/invasions of privacy……we’ll think you are guilty. You are free to think anything you like! All of this of course is geared towards accepting the loss of due process or the government or any of its thugs having to produce any actual evidence not only that a crime was committed, but that you had anything to do with it.

The idea that millions of people are posting online very personal information including photos and that somehow this makes them “social”, is appalling. These sites are not social in their intent. These are massive data mining sites used by spy agencies around the world. Stop putting your personal information on them! Yes, I know. You already posted a bunch of your photos and info and there is nothing you can do about it now. Translation: I am so lame that even now that I know what they are doing I can’t give up my imaginary friends on Facebook. If I shut Facebook down I might actually be forced to get up and go out and actually speak to real people! Gasp! Oh! The horror of it all!

If you want to be social and have tons of friends……why not start talking to actual real live people you come in contact with? You may end up with only a handful of genuine friends rather than thousands of strangers who are simply bored and will most likely suck up major amounts of your time with no tangible or productive outcome.

The next phase for Facebook and Google, is the biometric identification of users.  Oh!  Yippee!