Marti Oakley     

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In what is clearly another of those actions meant to deceive the public into thinking someone in the District of Criminals is actually trying to accomplish something meaningful, comes this bill regarding raising the debt ceiling.  A cursory read may make you think the intent is to prevent raising the ceiling, thereby preventing an increase in the overall national debt.  We could only hope!  Unfortunately, this bill H.R. 3778, is simply a tactic used to make it appear that (in this particular case) the Republicans are really, really serious about stopping the mindless spending that they themselves have contributed to right along with the Democrats.

Take a closer look.  You’ll see this bill has nothing to do with limiting federal spending.

Washington, D.C. newspaper The Hill is reporting:

“Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) on Wednesday introduced a bill that would prevent Congress from considering an increase in the debt ceiling unless both the House and Senate have approved a concurrent budget resolution, something the Senate has not done in nearly three years.”

Lamborn said his bill would at least require a budget to be in place before these debt ceiling increases can occur.

“Today I have introduced a bill to stop this madness,” he said on the floor. “The Budget Before Borrowing Act,” H.R. 3778, is a straightforward, no-gimmicks approach to spending money. It very simply says that the nation cannot raise the debt ceiling limit unless the House and the Senate have agreed on a budget resolution.” 

Did you catch the “approach to spending money” comment?

Did you catch on to the great sounding “the nation cannot raise the debt ceiling limit unless the House and the Senate have agreed on a budget resolution.”  In other words, we will continue to spend the country into un-repayable debt as long as we all agree its ok to do so.  It is a matter of, “If we get the protections and special privileges for our stakeholders, raising the debt ceiling is a big GO!”

H.R. 3778, The Budget Before Borrowing Act of 2012 

H.R. 3778 would amend the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 to establish a point of order to prohibit the extension of the public debt limit unless a concurrent resolution on the budget has been agreed to and is in effect. [emphasis mine]

Lamborn’s bill is just another form of madness.  It fixes nothing, does not stop over-spending, does not end any of the arbitrary forced funding of privately owned federal corporations via taxpayers, or the relentless and unending expansion of the federal government. 

But it sounded really good on first read, didn’t it?  Sounded like they were going to reign in spending and stop raising the debt ceiling but actually they just want a budget passed that they agree on so that they know how high to raise the debt ceiling. 

Were you thinking they might stop the pork barrel spending?  Or, maybe halt the build-up to another war, this time with Iran. Or maybe they might consider closing down some of these useless and unlawful government agencies.  How about they disband that bunch misfits and psychopaths at Homeland Security, starting with the infamous and despised, TSA;  the savings there could be infinite not to mention the country would be a lot safer if they didn’t exist. 

A real good money saver would be to end the despicable “No Child Left Behind” program which has devastated education and caused the plummet in global ranking in education; our kids now barely able to read or to do math or science.  But hey!  They all know about the global economy, UN regionalism being implemented to supersede the states and render them void, and most of them think being a global citizen is more preferable than being a citizen of their state in the USA.  

I could probably sit here all night and by morning have a list of cuts to federal spending that could most likely wipe out half the current national debt without any perceptible difference in necessary daily business.  

There is not one of us out here who could not figure out at least fifty ways to cut spending in the District of Criminals which would negate the need for raising the debt ceiling at all, and many of us could come up with hundreds of ways to cut the criminal spending.  For starters:

  • The unending creation of new agencies and offices and,
  • Closing unlawful federal agencies
  • Unwarranted corporate subsidies. 
  • Shutting down the endless war machine and,
  • Using that money saved to restart business and manufacturing here at home along with,
  • Putting a moratorium on foreign aid until we are somewhere near solvency again, would go a long way.

Lamborn also does not state whether this resolution would apply to the unified budget that includes every possible expense and absolutely every source of income and gives a very clear picture of the true financial state of the country, or, whether this “resolution” would only be applied to the simplified budget.  The simplified budget is the fictional budget created for the public and bears little if any resemblance to the truth.  In neither case do these budgets include the “Black Budget”.  That’s the money funneled into the CIA and other spy organizations that no one is allowed to know just how much they actually got.

Whether Democrat or Republican, this issue is not about budgets.  Neither party has adhered to any kind of budget anyway for decades.  The budget “resolution” referred to is simply the desired agreement between the two party’s on which of their big donors will get what kind of breaks.  Once they have all their buddies and pet projects protected, the spending will continue like there is no tomorrow. 

And the way the District of Criminals operates, there just might not be.