John Boering


 My morning coffee and subsequent conversations with the guys about world affairs eventually came round to the recent primaries and the fact that it appears the fringe lunatics on the right, those who spout scripture at the drop of a hat, those who have immersed themselves in mad-made dogmas that they claim to be words from God, are ruling the political asylum…at least in South Carolina.  Even Georgia looks to be set to launch serial philanderer,

The Ten Amendments: An open letter from God to Republicans

consummate liar, pathologically immoral and unethical, Newty Gingrich one step closer to the GOP nomination.  To see this bloated, flaccid miserable man set up as the golden boy for the party that claims a higher morality and Christian family values, is an affront to anyone of true faith.  This could not be more indicative of the true amoral character of the GOP.  In fact, the only way this could be worse is if Newty was married to or philandering with “Man” Coulter.

So …….what happened to all the God talk?  What happened to doing God’s work?  What happened to speaking with/to God and looking for messages only your heart can hear?  How is it that the Party of God is pulling out all the stops to nominate one of the most morally repugnant, notoriously unethical and personally vacant individuals to (dis)grace the political stage? 

Did you people cast God aside?  Did you decide that the chance at winning an election was far more important than holding to your “Jesus take the wheel” religious ideology?  I have to wonder what God must be thinking right now as you propel this human insult to the senses, towards the nomination?  

One of the reasons I left the Republican party was just this kind of hypocrisy.  They will rail against gays, and anyone else they feel doesn’t fit into their myopic religious views, but as we see now, have absolutely no problem voting for a man who lacks moral self control and whose proclivity for cheating and keeping mistresses seems not to be a problem as long they win.  The party of family values, indeed.

One of the things I detested most about the Bush/Cheney cabal was the phony religion.  I detested it even more in the ranks of so-called conservatives that I associated with.  I am a conservative through and through and I never had to combine my political ideologies with my religious ideologies although I do realize that it really doesn’t take much to do so. Religion and politics both succeed using the same manipulation and fear tactics, and of course both need money…..and lots of it. 

I know that when you force the combining of politics and religion, two supposedly diametrically opposed lines of thought it is for no other reason than to appeal to the self-righteous, the arrogant, the self-absorbed who can then be easily manipulated.  After all, they have already expressed their willingness to believe the absurd as long as they can stake a claim to the front row seats for God. 

After so many years of listening to how the Republican party essentially is speaking for God, doing God’s work,  speaking with God, taking directions from God …yada, yada, yada……..I have come to some startling conclusions.  The first conclusion I came to is that if God does in fact exist, He’s probably mightily upset with the faux Christians on the right.  I doubt even God could forgive the religious pandering and the obvious rejection of morals and values espoused by those throwing their religion aside to support what is clearly a very unchristian man. 

But……I suppose when you are absolutely desperate to protect all your corporate buddies and to make sure that you and your wealthy friends continue to be provided with what clearly is a privileged tax system, and to help facilitate the growing fascist state that you have worked so hard to set into motion, God, by necessity, must be ignored.  After all, you can always go back to church if things go bad and beg for forgiveness and be totally absolved of your transgressions.  

Just be sure that check you bring with you has lots of zeros.  That’s the way religion and politics works!