By Mary Tocco   Independent Vaccine Researcher                                                                                         Healing Our World Radio Saturdays 4:00-5:00 (EST)  
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Every medical procedure has its risks, vaccines included. As the number of vaccines recommended continues to increase, so do the adverse events. Many doctors refuse to acknowledge or identify common adverse events. Parents are often dismissed and told that the vaccine is not responsible for the reaction. The parents continue to vaccinate their children not understanding that their children are in danger and are vulnerable to vaccine injury. With each shot, the child suffers additional insult and eventually, the child may end up with permanent vaccine neurological damage.

When Congress passed the Vaccine Assistant Act in 1965, they began to protect the vaccine manufactures from all liability. In 1991 the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System was founded in Washington where the government keeps track of the adverse events reported. Before 1991, there was no place to report adverse events even though we had been vaccinating since the 1930’s.

In 1986, the National Vaccination Compensation System was set up to compensate the families of injured children. By 1991, they settled over 1.2 Billion in injury/death lawsuits filed. The fund is financed from a 75cent tax on every vaccine given, the vaccine manufactures are off the hook! This system, I believe, has removed the check and balance system that would insure the safety of vaccines.

Why are many doctors reluctant to identify adverse events? Over the last 30 years I have heard this story more times than I can count…parents take the baby home after vaccines and the child is extremely upset, suffering with a fever, high pitched screaming now associated with encephalopathy or brain swelling and is inconsolable. Upon going to the emergency room or back to the doctor they are told that this is not related to the vaccines. Some babies suffer with seizures and even minor stokes all which go unnoticed by the medical physician. The doctor admitting that a child suffered an adverse event could undermine the faith and trust necessary for the parents to continue vaccinating. Unless it is life threatening, they doctors say that it is normal and common… but is it safe? Could it be a sign of a more serious problem? How does it affect the baby in the long run?

After talking to thousands of parents across the country, the same story emerges: My child was well until we went in for our well-baby vaccines and then he had a high fever, was crying uncontrollably, was lethargic, very agitated and irritability, had a skin rash, refused to eat and then a change in his personality…that was the day we lost our little boy. Most doctors do not acknowledge adverse events is it could be self- incriminating.

After 30 years of independent vaccine research, I believe that our children are in grave danger. Not only are the American children suffering with chronic illnesses like autism, ADHD, learning problems, asthma, diabetes, depression and obesity, but many of these problems are the result of adverse events after a toxic load given through the vaccines. We do 3X more vaccines than any other country in the world, shouldn’t our children be the healthiest?