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Date / Time: 01-18-12

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Join us Wednesday evening  as Sharon Noonan Kramer returns to update us on her lawsuit exposing toxic molds and the subsequent court action against her.

We orginally interviewed with Sharon in April of 2011.

Sharon is a Whistleblower who has been faced with corruption in the California judicial system at the highest levels that works to keep the fraud going in the private sector health policy on behalf of the affiliates of the US Chamber of Commerce. 

Sharon Kramer is a researcher and whistleblower. She exposes how the scientific fraud that “moldy buildings do no harm” marketed its way into US public health policy, thereby allowing the dismissal of injured parties’ insurance claims.

She has been published in medical journals, such as the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, and has given numerous interviews exposing this deceit. She was also involved in causing a federal audit of the issue, that is helping to reshape policy on a federal level.

Toxic mold is a type of mold that produces hazardous byproducts, called mycotoxins. While individuals with asthma and other respiratory problems may have reactions to many types of mold, it’s thought that mycotoxins are more likely to trigger health problems in even healthy individuals. These toxins are believed to be linked to memory loss and to severe lung problems in infants and the elderly.


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