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Diana Ostermann

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Diana Ostermann was accepted into the first class of women at University of Notre Dame and graduated with a degree in Business with a Marketing major. During that time, she attended one year at the University of Innsbruck in Innsbruck, Austria, with all courses taught in German.

After graduation, Ms. Ostermann worked for several years as a marketing analyst, after which she was hired into AT&T. Ms. Ostermann held various positions at AT&T and later at Lucent Technologies, spanning sales, sales management, sales training, technical support, finance, and product management during a career that spanned 22 years. The last eight of those years were in Wireless Product Management, culminating in a position as the Manager, Wireless Internet Data Strategy. In that position, Ms. Ostermann researched the technology and societal trends, both in and outside the US, and used that data to prepare presentations about how wireless carriers needed to prepare for the future.

Ms. Ostermann traveled internationally to deliver the presentations to wireless carriers in various countries. In 2001, Ms. Ostermann elected to take an early retirement package from Lucent Technologies. Over the last several years, Ms. Ostermann has been Practice Manager for her husband’s radiology practice.

In January 2011, Ms. Ostermann was asked to be a consultant on the technology used for Smart Grid and to help members of her group understand the technical details of the wireless smart grid, and the resultant effects on health. Ms. Ostermann has participated in several one-on-one meetings with Naperville City Council members and presented at three “Town Hall” type gatherings throughout the Naperville area.

Diana Ostermann

Sue Storm

For more than twenty years Sue Storm has been educating citizens on the detrimental health effects of Electromagnetic Fields on individuals and the environment. In the 1990s Sue Storm founded Healthy Home Alliance, an organization dedicated to increasing public awareness on this issue. Her work has involved numerous radio shows and TV interviews as well as writing newspaper and magazine articles on the subject. Speaking engagements have been a great part of her effort to educate the public. She has spoken at homeowner associations, schools, city governments, law school classes, community groups, and business organizations. Since 1997 Sue Storm has been working on a national level with activists and concerned citizens to make a difference in Washington by changing regulations to protect the public from the effects of Electromagnetic Radiation. The EPA refers individuals to the Healthy Home Alliance as a resource for further information on EMR.

In Naperville, Sue Storm has been instrumental in working with the City to defeat a cell tower that would have been an obstruction to the beautiful downtown area and to have a cell tower moved from its placement 45 feet from a home in her neighborhood. Due to her efforts, Bob Cleveland (FCC) commented at a meeting with 400 in attendance that the Naperville tower
was “the highest profile tower in the country”. Sue Storm also worked to educate parents and a Superintendent of Schools on the health effects of cell tower placement near one of their schools. In addition, she became the “go to” person for newspapers in the Chicagoland area for developments in the Telecom Industry.

With “smart” meters on the horizon, Sue Storm has sounded the alarm. She connected EMR resources and initiated new relationships with activists and citizens across the country. She developed a research team to learn about the “smart” meter devices and the mesh networks which facilitate transmitting data. Sue Storm studied the health effects as well as the privacy concerns and national security issues that go along with mass deployment of wireless devices. She has been appearing on radio shows, speaking to various groups, organizing volunteers; writing articles and petitions to halt the “smart” meter installations. Sue Storm continues to work with leaders in communities, states, and Washington to bring the truth about the many dangers of wireless “smart” meters to the forefront.

Sue Storm
Healthy Home Alliance
800 323-1790

Call-in Number: (917) 388-4520



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