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News is coming in across the country regarding the fight against smart meters. If ever there was an indicator that not only does our government not work for the people, but that they have absolutely no interest in what the general population thinks or wants the smart meter issue has got to top the list. 

After being exposed personally to the smart meter scam, I began calling senators and representatives not only here in my state, Minnesota, but in other states as well just to get their response. 

Without exception this is what I was told in every instance of contact in exactly this order:

  • I never heard of smart meters….what are they?
  • We haven’t had any other complaints about smart meters.
  • Smart meters are no worse than your cell phone. (false)
  • There is no credible evidence that says these meters are dangerous. (false)
  • This is a legal issue…hire an attorney.
  • We only make the laws so we don’t get into legal issues.
  • There is nothing we can do for you. Go back to your city council.

What are the chances?

What do you think the chances are that without exception absolutely every senator or representative office we contacted would say exactly the same things, in exactly the same order….unless they were following a carefully prepared script provided to them? 

Having had to face my own smart meter battle here in my small rural community after it was identified as having grant money that could be used for smart meters, among many other things, I saw firsthand the use of the same arguments used across the country in the attempt to convince people they have no rights.  There were any number of activities this small town could have used the grant money for, but Ferguson Water Suppliers swooped in and shined the city council up and money that could have gone for various improvements that might have benefited this community was wasted on smart meters for water.

Letters were sent out saying the meters were mandatory.  No public meetings, no full disclosure, no public input and no one said a word about the 40% rate hike on minimum use charges that will be effective as of January 1, 2012. 

Claiming the new meters were more accurate, the City Council failed to mention that no complaints of inaccuracy had been logged with the old meters. (We checked)

Claiming the new meters would save residents money on their water bills, the Council has been unavailable to answer questions as to why the monthly bills will be increased 40%.

Claiming that it would cost $50 per month for a meter reader to walk by and scan the old meter, the City Council has failed to show any former meter reader who ever made any wage remotely close to $50 per hour.  This was an obvious attempt to extort property owners who refused the meters in order to coerce compliance. 

Claiming they had the authority to mandate the smart meters, the City Council passed an ordinance two months after the fact (defacto laws are prohibited in both federal and state constitutions and ordinances are local laws) in order to make the private contract they had entered into with Ferguson, while failing to meet PERPA requirements, appear legal.

This scenario is being played out across the country.  If you think your congressional representatives on any level give a crap, or even remotely care what you think try giving anyone of them a call. 

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