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 Missing in action:  The FDA and selective targeting 

As the FDA continues its targeting of supplement manufacturers, whole fresh milk producers and attempts to whip up a public frenzy over non existent threats over vitamins and nutritional supplements, the pharmaceutical manufacturers are getting away with murder and the FDA is not only aware of it, but helping to facilitate it.

Every year 700,000 adverse events are reported regarding psychotropic drugs [1] and an average of 42,000 individuals lose their lives as a result of these drugs and yet FDA has not closed one drug manufacturer or prosecuted any company for its part in the physical harm and resulting deaths that occur from taking drugs which are not safe even if strictly used as prescribed; drugs which the FDA gave its stamp of approval to. And never does the FDA launch a public panic campaign in an attempt to demonize drug makers, as they have with nutritional supplements, vitamins and herbal remedies. 

Psychiatry and psychotropic drugs  

Psychotropic drugs could have never become as successful and prevalent as they are without the approval and market access provided to drug makers by the FDA. Even so,  it seems the field of psychiatry has not only been a willing partner in drug dealing, but has been invaluable in creating fictionalized disorders that it seems only they can detect in most cases, even in infants. 

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – Mental Illness, Disease, Health [2] otherwise known as the DSM, is being revamped to throw a wide net even over children and infants along with virtually every sector of the population.  Describing supposed “diseases” which have no proven pathology, everyone is subject to being diagnosed with some form of mental illness and to be forced onto some kind of drug if not multiple drugs.

The drug industry averages 22.5 (conservatively) billion a year in psychotropic drug sales and the new DSM will escalate that average by now including mental illness diagnosis for pregnant women, military personnel, children and infants.

Disease mongering 

New fantasy illnesses include:

  •  internet addiction (25 million estimated to be suffering from this “disorder”)
  •  compulsive shopping disorder, and
  • apathy disorder.  This having been a promoted as a hoax some years back but now identified as a “disorder”.
  •  “intermittent explosive disorder” (road rage).  Gotten angry and upset in traffic? Turns out you are mentally ill, at least intermittently.
  • Social anxiety disorder (shyness) 

These are just a few of the new disorders for which diagnosis requires not much more than the attending psychiatrist determines it to be so, but now you need drugs and lots of them.

The drugging of pregnant women has resulted in a 20-30% increase in the number of pre-term births.  Newborns suffer from brain damage, lowered fetal birth weight, and can be missing limbs or have cleft pallets as a result of psychotropic drugs administered during pregnancy.  While physicians rail against smoking or drinking alcohol during pregnancy which is understandable, they have absolutely no compunction for the most part, about encouraging the use of toxic psychotropic drugs during this same period.  

The drugs most commonly prescribed to pregnant women are:

  • Prozac  — 1,817 known side affects
  • Zoloft   — 2,194  known side affects
  • Paxil     — 2,497 known side affects

These drugs often times result in a worsening of the exact same symptoms they claim to prevent.

H.R. 20 from 2008 and again in 2009-10 [3], would have required all pregnant women to undergo psychiatric screening to see if they have a psychiatric disorder and are actually fit to take a newborn home with them, all of which could be dispensed with if they just agreed to take some pills and consent to in-home visits until they were “cured”. 

Quote: “We are raising a generation of damaged children” . Eileen Dannemann/ Vaccine Liberation Army

Never is this more true than today.  Apparently infecting our children and infants with vaccines that cause lifelong injury including neurological damage isn’t enough.  Now we drug them into walking zombies for having a temper tantrum or crying or maybe even for becoming too excited from time to time.  The idea that infants as young as six months old are supposedly diagnosed as having bi-polar disorder or some other fantasy diagnosis that can only be treated with massive amounts of dangerous psychotropic drugs is insanity. 

What we are producing is a generation of drug addicted children who have been taught that the only way to deal with anything in life is to take a pill.  The prevalence and illicit sale of drugs in our schools is not predicated upon known street drugs, but rather on the sale of prescription drugs.  Yet the federal government along with the FDA continues its phony “war on drugs” when it is well known that the largest supplier of drugs to the general population are approved pharmaceuticals from major drug companies.

In too many cases, the same psychiatrists who sit on the boards determining what will be included in the new DSM manuals, also have major ties to pharmaceutical companies and stand to profit heavily from the advancement and proliferation of FDA sanctioned drugs.  In any case, the diagnosis of phantom disorders for which there is no provable pathological evidence that could be used to deem these “disorders” as disease, continues. 

So how does a disorder [disease] become part of the DSM if they have no pathological evidence that it even exists?   

They take a vote. Yes……a vote among board members many of whom are tied to the drug companies.  This vote is taken in lieu of pathological evidence that a disease is present.  This is why all the syndromes, all the supposed anti-social behaviors are listed as “disorders”  …you don’t need any empirical evidence that there is any thing inherently wrong, you just make a determination that YOU think it is indicative of underlying problems.

Dannemann is correct in her statement; we are raising a generation of intentionally damaged children.  Obviously it wasn’t enough that foster children were leased out for pharmaceutical experiments using untested drugs or in virtually every state of the union, or that drug makers were/are paying schools as much as 500 per head for students forced onto a drug regimen, now they are targeting pregnant women so that the child can be permanently damaged during pregnancy.

No one is disputing the fact that there are obvious mental conditions that require assistance, including medications and that these have been observable even to the untrained eye.  No one disputes the fact that many of these obvious conditions can be managed (not cured) by the administering of drugs which calm the condition and make management of the mentally ill easier. 

What is objectionable is the contrived list of supposed fictional disorders created for no other reason than to sell drugs that cure nothing, and which pose a massive public health risk to everyone exposed to them.  

We are creating a long range public health epidemic of damaged individuals who will require on going treatment for peripheral problems created by the administering of toxic drugs which are neither safe nor effective for any reason, and which are creating a generation of damaged an chronically sick people who will never be well. 

The whole thrust of the drug industry is to convince well people that they are sick and to convince those who might be slightly sick that they are very ill…..and all of you need drugs.  Lots and lots of drugs.