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The militarization of our local law enforcement agencies now that Homeland Security is running the show, has many communities and individuals sounding the alarm over the escalating violence issuing from these agencies as former public servants have been transformed into public threats.  As public unrest spreads across not only the US but also the globe, the ramping up of military weapons to be used by law enforcement against their own communities, continues to become ever more lethal and is provided routinely for use on protestors and other public gatherings.

Two new weapons have recently surfaced not only here in the US but also in Britain.  The British will be testing out their brand spankin’ new  SMU 100 Laser gun.  What is that you ask?  According to the UK Telegraph:

The laser, resembling a rifle and known as an SMU 100, can dazzle and incapacitate targets up to 500m away with a wall of light up to three metres squared. It costs £25,000 and has an infrared scope to spot looters in poor visibility.

Looters?  How many looters are there running around  Britain that would warrant investing in these weapons?  Have you even heard of any instance in the last ten years where “looters” were ravaging Britain?  Twenty years? Anybody?  Gosh…..I wonder who they are going to use these laser guns on.  Hmmmmm.

Here at home in the good ole’  US of Amerika we got your basic acoustic sound weapon now streamlined and ready to go.  This little weapon of mass destruction is for you …the Amerikan public….just in case you get to thinking you might want to take back your country or that you’ve had enough of the corruption in the District of Criminals or, if you are one of those domestic terrorists who insists that the Constitution is still the law of the land.  For you we got your new riot shield that will use sound waves to suffocate you!  Yessirree!  Because it wouldn’t look good for law enforcement to shoot you where you stand (even tho we want to, bad PR and all) we will just restrict your breathing and watch you die from suffocation. _________________________________


A man-portable non-lethal pressure shield provides both a physical as well as pressure shield. The pressure shield addresses the concerns of military, police and human rights organizations and international law as regards effectiveness, efficiency and safety and efficiency. A folded acoustic horn is incorporated into the physical shell of the shield. The horn couples acoustic pulses from a sonic pulse generator to an acoustic aperture to output a pulsed pressure beam that approximates a plane wave to produce a pressure barrier. The operator may specify a desired effect on its human target that is maintained as range-to-target changes or a desired effect at a specified perimeter range. The shields may be networked to facilitate coordinated action among multiple pressure shields as a force multiplier or to provide a more sophisticated pressure barrier.

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For those who wonder who sits around and thinks up this sick crap, we included the inventors name.  He is associated with Raytheon Corp. the same Raytheon that builds the new antenna’s for the HAARP fields. 

The riot shield’s effect can be multiplied by the joining together in a line of police willing to launch attacks on the public.  And willing they are!  Just a quick look at history, i.e., Kent State, Waco, Ruby Ridge, the recent attacks on students in Illinois, and of course the harassment and intimidation of Occupy Wall Street protestors should give you an idea of just how willing a militarized law enforcement agency, badge heavy, shooting testosterone from every pore of their bodies, is willing to go when they are absolved in advance for their actions and armed as if the country was being attacked. 

As we have stated before here at PPJ, the only people showing up at rally’s, protests, public gatherings, political meetings or any other event that cranks up the paranoia of the District of Criminals or even just local power brokers, is law enforcement.   

Carrying guns, batons, pepper spray, sound weapons, ADS systems, and whatever else they can whip together law enforcement shows up ready to commit violence at every opportunity.  And even if you are peaceably assembled, as is your right, law enforcement will move against you  attacking the gathering and creating chaos.

Even when those gathered in lawful assembly pose no threat either to themselves or to the assembled riot squads, we have seen the riot squads repeatedly move in and attack. 

The pepper spraying of students in the recent UC Berkley demonstrations by a campus police officer who was thoroughly enjoying his assault on the students should have us all re-thinking the role of these agencies in our communities.

Does it occur to any of you that all of this has gone too far?