Marti Oakley © copyright 2011


With our southern border with Mexico, now a virtual war zone and as the beheadings, murders, drug trafficking, human trafficking and overall violence escalates each day, the federal government has come up with a sure-fire plan on how to gain control of the situation.  They have moved ahead with the plans to integrate Canadian and US police to be used for border security, intelligence sharing, and of course your basic over the top government spying on absolutely everyone at, on or around the US- Canadian border.  Referred to as the expanded Homeland Security Perimeter, the North American Union is being putting in to place.

Yes, that’s right.  With our southern border exploding with violence, drug wars, illegal immigration and human trafficking, every effort is being made to secure the border with Canada. We got your troops, both Canadian and US on both sides of the border, your drones for aerial spying, your checkpoints, your RFID infrastructure, your real time physical surveillance, biometric scanners, and access to a massive data base of individuals compiled for no other reason than ……they can. 

And now we can indiscriminately decide someone, anyone, everyone is a criminal, needs investigating, hunting down or is a terrorist and proceed to terrorize them, hold them indefinitely, torture them if we choose to, and generally destroy their lives because after all……it’s the only way the two governments can keep us [safe]. 

Has anyone asked how we are to keep ourselves safe from our own governments?

Thanks to Obama and Eric Holder, both Canada and the US can cross our common border as agents of law enforcement, intelligence and crime busting, chasing down people who may or may not have committed a crime, who might or might not be terrorists, based on nothing more than a [suspicion] while never having any actual evidence or indication that criminal activity or terroristic intent is present. 

And, thanks to the recent trashing of the US Constitution under S.1867 The Defense Authorization Act of 2011, which included indefinite detention of even US citizens based on no evidence whatsoever, allowing them to be held indefinitely, never charging them with an actual provable crime, we are left with absolutely no defense against this global police force that is being incrementally assembled so that not one of us can travel freely without government approval and surveillance. 

According to Eric Holder:

 “the creation of ’NextGen’ teams of cross-designated officers would allow us to more effectively identify, assess, and interdict persons and organizations involved in transnational crime.”

Well gosh Eric……I guess after Fast & Furious, that gun running deal you had going with Mexico… could be arrested under this agreement. 

In his article: How the US Blackmailed Canada, Gar Pardy reveals that Canada will make personal info about Canadian citizens available to US agencies:  “In exchange, Canada will provide the United States with personal information on millions of Canadians and become part of a North American security zone.

Pardy stressed that as part of a North American security zone, “Canadian security institutions will be more closely integrated with those of the United States.”  

It appears obvious that both governments realize that if they are to continue with the plans to erase national sovereignty and identity and turn the North American continent into one big centrally governed zone, it is necessary to establish military, police, surveillance and control over the populations.  This way, once these institutions are in place and ready to roll, the obliteration of the borders with the ensuing public uprising that would result can be readily dealt with. 

In 2009, while the American commissioner for Customs and Border Protection claimed in his congressional testimony that there were more persons “suspected of alliances with terrorist organizations, or have had a terrorist suspicion in their background – crossing over from Canada than we have from Mexico”, the southern border of the US exploded with violence, drug wars, murders and the terrorizing of US citizens along that border,  yet the commissioner even then appeared oblivious to the escalation in violence and the failure of CBP to secure and protect that border.  Obviously, the Commissioner was either ill-informed about the southern border and/or had never actually been to that border to assess the violence.

He continued on to say with regards to Canada:

“We have also increased the number of Border Patrol agents deployed to the northern border. Our plans call for 1,845 agents by the end of this year, and 2,212 by the end of next year. Our Air and Marine organization has deployed significant resources to the northern border, including the recent deployment of an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) based in Grand Forks. The DHS Science and Technology Directorate has a number of research projects designed to evaluate technology opportunities tailored to the northern border environment that will advise our plans in the future. Our Secure Border Initiative (SBI) program will implement a measured deployment of sensors in our Buffalo, Detroit, and Swanton sectors starting this spring.”

Isn’t it amazing that none or little of this is being applied to the Southern border?

We just have to figure out how to get all the illegal activity and violence occurring on our southern border, re-routed through Canada where all these new enforcement activities are in high gear.  Its apparently the only border with the US that the government is willing to secure.