John Boering (c)copyright 2011


So….I’m drinking my morning coffee and waiting for the cribbage games to start at my usual morning hangout and I’m watching some news channel that is trying to convince viewers that Gingrich is leading the GOP charge for the White house and I’m thinking to myself….. this is a set up. 

With most of the Republican party appalled at the thought of Gingrich as a candidate, and now with the addition of Donald Trump as his side kick, no one can take this seriously.  I’m also thinking we could turn this into a reality show series.  Forget Jersey Shore…..we got “Newty and The Donald” buffoon show. 

I still maintain the GOP and the neo-cons want Obama re-elected probably even more than the Democrats do.  Our economy from one end to the other is poised for an intentional collapse.  The Republicans surely do not want to be in charge when the bottom falls out completely.  It would be a mortal wound and one which this foundering political party would never recover from.  With Republicans already so far in the political hole, having a Republican president presiding over what will be an historic collapse would be the catastrophic end to what has been most likely one of the most vicious collections in recent years, of liars, thieves, crooks, globalists, elitists the country has ever witnessed.  And this was the party of “GOD”. 

Speaking of (God), I don’t believe political or religious hypocrisy has ever reached such a level than it did in the last ten years within the party that claimed God only loved Republicans, and putting a dolt like Bush 2 in the White House meant that (God) was in the White House.  Bush claimed he was checking with his father before making decisions.  No, not Daddy Bush…THE Father; The one up there.  The one that told Bush 2 to attack a country that had no weapons and which had done us no harm.

 Apparently, the Republican god loves oil and doesn’t mind the occasional sacrifice of a few million Iraqi people to get it. 

Never has God or religious belief taken the beating it has at the hands of the Republican party.  Evangelical church leaders were invited to the White House for special breakfasts and meetings and Bush repaid them by establishing faith based initiatives which allows them to receive as much as 50,000 each year for their holy work (instructing voters on whom to vote for).  After all, these guys brought huge contingencies of Evangelical voters who dutifully did what their leaders told to them to do.  No one said a word about the initiative being unconstitutional and that it smelled more like a pay off than a good deed.

Wait…….it gets better…now we have Gingrich

MSM with all its talking heads who are paid to report only what they are given to report, still claims that Gingrich is surging ahead.  My instinctive reaction is……ahead of what?  Is there a wild band of promiscuous women out there that Gingrich wants to reach before any one else does?  Who is he surging ahead of, and for what purpose?  It can’t be the presidency.  After all, much of the country seizes up and retches just at the mention of  his name and other than a few who want to win at any cost, no matter what, even if it is at the expense of the rest of the country, most true Republicans are boiling mad over this pompous jackal resurfacing.  Of course they would have loved it if Gingrich was a Democrat…..but the Dem’s are chock full of arrogant, useless people, having met their quota years ago! 

I did notice that the film produced showing the turnout for Gingrich was done somewhat like the film they aired as a few Iraqi’s pulled down the statue of Hussein.  The filming was edited to show a close up of what looked like a huge crowd participating in pulling the statue down.  But pulling the camera back revealed there were only a handful present.  I think they are doing the same with Gingrich. 

My friends who have clung to the Republican label even as I dispensed with it, grimaced under the load that was Bush 2..  becoming enraged if you mention that Gingrich is supposedly leading the pack of GOP contenders. 

My usual morning coffee and cribbage game with the guys can become a shouting match as one card player after another implodes at the thought of Gingrich representing their beloved Republican party.  Veins pop out on foreheads and clenched fists bang the card tables as each of my buddies regales the others with his recollection of the misdeeds, unethical behavior, and slimy character of Newt Gingrich.  God help the player who mentions the ongoing parade of wives and mistresses……the whole place becomes electrified at the thought of this serial philanderer leading what now seems to be the party of moral hypocrisy.  

Having seen this same kind of reaction in various places, just from the mentioning of Gingrich’s name, makes me wonder where MSM is getting its material?  Now, I’m not talking Faux News here.  We already know the BS over there is so deep they can hardly get space in front of the camera……that and that bloated toad Rove is taking up vast quantities of space.  So who is feeding them this misinformation?  And why? 

The Republican party has no intentions of trying to win this election.  They know far better than we do what is about to befall us and they have no intentions of getting caught holding the proverbial “global economy” bag.  For me, this explains why this years candidates were so lack-luster, so unappealing.  When Romney looked like he could actually take the nomination, and actually stood a chance, Gingrich was dragged out to drag the party back down.

Its one thing when you try to scam the opposing party, quite another when you scam your own.