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While the Republicans disparage any thoughts of asking the upper 3% and corporations to pay their fair and equalized share of taxes, they also fight like banshees to prevent the repeal of the 36 billion in tax credits and subsidies to the oil cartels which continue to produce billions and billions and billions and more billions, in net profits.  

God forbid we should even bring up capping the prices the cartels can charge the public for their products.

With both party’s having done their fair share of damage to the economy, jobs and the standard of living for most of America, neither party is too keen on rolling back the unearned and unnecessary financial privileges extended to high dollar corporate campaign donors especially when these funds from the oil conglomerates are so lucrative. 

With the battle still raging in the District of Criminals regarding how to cut spending it is apparent that no one considered the idea that possibly cutting those massive subsidies to oil companies might just lessen the load a bit.  Instead, knowing that oil prices had risen an average of 40% above last year (no reason for this other than they could raise them) our collection of jackasses in the District decided the best way to save money would be to cut fuel assistance to low-income families; that was far more acceptable than exercising any sort of control over oil cartels. 

Besides, poor people aren’t likely to take you to expensive restaurants or to fly you around on one of their corporate jets to some vacation get away disguised as a government business trip and they don’t have the money to finance your political career… screw them.

Yes…of course.  First allow the oil cartels to raise the price of fuel to a level where more than half of the country can’t afford to buy it and then set up a program funded by taxpayers to cover the difference in what families can afford to pay and what the oil companies have decided they want to charge for fuel.  This way you can target low-income families and blame them for a portion of the out of control federal spending while never having to go to your corporate sponsors and hold them accountable while at the same time holding the public hostage for paying the difference in the grossly inflated price.  Somehow this is far more palatable than regulating the price of oil. 

Uncontrolled prices, all time historically high untaxed net profits, 36 billion in unearned subsidies…..and the only way they could cut expenses was to cut fuel assistance to low-income families?  

From Current:

Governors from Hawaii, Oregonand Kentuckyalso have weighed in, urging Congress to keep LIHEAP spending at $5 billion. A funding level of $2.6 billion could mean more than 3 million families losing help, according to a September letter signed by 13 Democrats andRhode Island’s Independent governor.

Let’s do the math here:  Even if we don’t fairly tax these parasitic oil cartels, but instead rolled back the subsidies and tax credits alone, and even if we spread this over a ten year period, the savings each year would be an estimated 3.6 billion.  Add 3.6 savings formerly applied to the privileged oil cartels, to the 2.6 limited funding for fuel assistance and you get 7.2 billion per year.  That’s the 5 billion they know is necessary for fuel assistance plus a little bit left over…..which the government would immediately seize and use to fund and start another illegal war or to maybe give itself another unearned raise… whatever.

The cut to fuel assistance was demanded by the Republican’s.  This would be the same Republicans that will chew your throat out if you mention taxing their rich friends and corporations fairly and equally.  They traded the safety of millions of American families, leaving them unable to afford a basic necessity all because the money mill might have slowed down a bit.

So, while some in congress whine about how difficult it is to live on 400,000 K a year or more, millions of Americans for whom there are no jobs, and who are living far below the poverty level thanks to those same jackasses, will suffer from the hyper-inflated fuel prices that the government has failed to regulate with an eye on what would be in the best interest of the economy and the country as a whole.

For cripe’s sake, we have had to endure the USDA manipulating milk production and prices for decades along with most other farm goods, don’t tell me that price caps and regulations are off the table and can’t be applied to the oil cartels.  Its just that they won’t be applied.  

Lest you think that the Democrats don’t bear any culpability in this, remember that the Democrats agreed to this.  The Republicans may have demanded it, but the Democrats were just as guilty of using American families as pawns in some sick political game. 

Our country is in depression whether anyone in government will admit that or not.  It is a depression caused by intentional manipulation by not only the government, but also corporations, the central banks and other stakeholders.  This year they withheld funding for heating assistance, maybe next year they will get around to withholding funding for food stamps.  And maybe all of that is ok with you as long as you aren’t forced to depend on those things to survive.