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The Senate voted to pass the anti-American Defense Authorization Act of 2011, S.1867.   The vote was 61-37; 61 Senators who swore to defend and uphold the Constitution just flipped the bird at the entire country. 

44 Republican Senators voted to keep the detainee provisions in the bill….these are those same Republicans who are going to save the country from Obama and the Democrats. 

17 Democrats voted to keep the same provisions….These are the same Democrats who are going to save country from the Republicans and the neo-cons. 

I can’t speak for anyone else other than myself here but, I am so sick of this traitorous bunch of political whores and jackasses, I can barely stand it.  I cannot think of one rational, plausible reason as to why this bill included the so-called “right” to arbitrarily and summarily determine any one, anywhere in the world to be a threat/criminal, and to detain them indefintiely without any bona fide reason and based on nothing more than what  might amount to a “belief”  and to hold them indefinitely without charging them with any crime or producing any evidence that one had been committed and to do this to anyone the government decides to, even US citizens.  Who are the real terrorists here?  And why would codifying this into some horrendous law, make it any less repugnant or any more justifiable?

Its bad enough that we are unable to trust anything this bunch does, much less even one word of anything they say, but the fact is THEY know that WE know they are lying and betraying us at every opportunity, yet they continue to do so while simultaneously trying to convince us that one party or the other is the only party that will save us from fascism/socialism/communism…..whatever “ism” suits their current needs.  The fact is, we need to save our selves from our own government.  

I am so sick of being threatened with another 9/11 style attack if we don’t submit and comply with the assaults on our rights, and seeing that threat used to destroy our Constitution and to strike down our protections and ultimately, to destroy our country.  We have spent billions upon billions of dollars on state of the art spying systems, and assorted military systems and weapons all of which appear to be directed inward at us.  S.1867 makes it very apparent that we are the enemy as far as the central government is concerned. 

I do not give a rats hind end if the bill laid out who got what power, authority or how much money for the coming year to keep the endless illegal wars going and to start new ones as others wind down.  The fact that the bill contained these things does not negate the fact that it intentionally omitted Constitutional protections for US citizens; protections specifically put in place to keep our government from doing exactly this kind of thing to us.  

Furthermore, it does not negate the fact that these detainee provisions are the same kinds of provisions that all dictatorial countries use to oppress and terrorize their own populations and any one else who doesn’t submit and comply.

Senator Levin, who was instrumental in crafting this assault on the people of the United States, was quoted in the New York Times as saying:

We are at war with Al Qaeda, and people who are determined to be part of Al Qaeda should be treated as people who are at war with us,” Mr. Levin said in the debate leading up to the vote.

His remarks would have been far more honest if he had spoken the truth and his quote would have more accurately reflected who they view as the enemy of the state, if he had said something to this effect:

We are at war with the Constitutional Republic, and people who are determined to be part of the Constitutional Republic should be treated as people who are at war with us”.   

“Us” would be the government and those who slither in and out of the doors of government and who have access to those officials; those that view the general population as expendable, a nuisance and not worthy of living in freedom. 

Yet these same purveyors of lies, corruption and political posturing will expect us, the same people they are determined to oppress, to pay the bills on all their anti-American, anti-humanity declarations.

We have become what we claimed to despise

  • Ever since the false flag attacks of 9/11, our own government has done to the country what no terrorist or terrorist organization could have accomplished. 
  • All of the attacks on our Constitutional protections and rights have been perpetrated not by some terrorist in a far away place, but by our own government.   
  • It is our own government that has enabled the 17 or more spy agencies in the US to unlawfully put the country under surveillance,
  • to assemble dossiers on each and every one of us,
  • to track us,
  • film us,
  • listen in on our conversations,
  • read our email and snail mail,
  • to break into our homes performing illegal searches. 
  • It is our own government that has established Fusions centers for local spying,
  • and turned various corporate federal agencies into immediate threats to the country. 
  • It is our own government that allows TSA to harass and molest us as we travel,  
  • that has turned our local law enforcement units into the menaces to their communities that many have become.

The idea that the US will pass some kind of law that could possibly prevent terrorists from acting out their plans is nothing less than ludicrous.   Furthermore, we have had “laws” on the books for years prior to 9/11 that would have dealt with terrorists if we were able to catch them, but which did nothing to prevent the attacks.  Get a clue here:  Terrorists, by definition, do not give a damn what kind of laws are passed in this country or any other. That is part of what makes them terrorists.

Ten years after 9/11 and we are still sitting by idly as bill after bill, after bill comes out of this nest of pit vipers we call congress; bills that have destroyed who we are and what we stand for as a country.  We have forfeited our rights, our protections, our privacy and security and ultimately our country to a government who spends more of its time trying to convince us that all their attacks on our Constitutional Republic are necessary, the only way they can keep us safe, than it does looking for actual terrorists.

We have become the thing we claimed we despised.  All of the crimes we claim are being committed by other countries are crimes we are committing ourselves.  We torture, kidnap, bomb, murder, intimidate, abuse and terrify all in the name of “national security”.  We destabilize economies, deprive entire countries of food, medicines, even water for refusing to submit to what we want.  We overthrow governments and assassinate their leaders and then install puppet governments to do our bidding. 

I have to wonder if at some point if other countries will band together and declare the US a terrorist organization, guilty of crimes against humanity, war crimes, human rights violations and a threat to world peace.  If this should ever happen, possibly Carl Levin and John McCain could stand up and wave a copy of S.1867 at them and make them run away.