John Boering / PPJ Contributor

For those of us who voluntarily expose ourselves to the news that isn’t news on Lame Street Media, this morning was a real waker-upper.  We have all come to expect sports games being treated as if they were of national importance; after all why wouldn’t we?  It’s not like we have illegal wars being conducted on numerous fronts, or the corruption on Wall Street and in the overall banking system isn’t killing us economically. 

The interlacing of sports news, celebrity mis-haps and other nonsense that is irrelevant considering the current sad state of affairs of our country goes, eats up a huge portion of valuable time that isn’t consumed by the incessant commercials for crap you aren’t likely to buy anyway. 

Sports and celebrity news seems to consume large blocks of time while relevant news (what little is offered) gets a few sound bites and we can suddenly find ourselves listening to a story about a man who saw Jesus’ face in cheeseburger that he is selling on Ebay.  My yes….that would be important and so earthshaking.

I watch at least one of these corporate/government shills for the powers that be every morning just to note what they ARE NOT reporting that might have been of real interest and useful to the average viewer.  And then it happened…………… 

I was sipping  my coffee, kind of zoning out as the CNN (and several other cable networks) broadcaster smiled and talked about football as if it really mattered to any of us out here who are observing the slow wrenching demise of our economy, the on-going and growing corruption of the government, and suddenly Newty Gingrich appeared on my screen.  The cream in my coffee curdled, and I mentally recoiled as if a huge snake had appeared before me.  In essence it had. 

I was stunned to learn that this pompous, arrogant, philandering, corrupt politician that we have tried repeatedly to drive out of national politics because he brings the vomit up in most people’s throats at just the mention of his name……this liar of epic proportions who claimed he had multiple affairs outside of his marriage(s) as a result of his deep passionate love of country that he could express only by engaging in repeated sexual dalliances with various women; he was supposedly leading the pack of GOP contenders for the presidential election. 

Wait a minute!  What happened to family values?  Moral convictions? Defending traditional marriage?  Rediscovering God?  Cleaning up the District of Criminals?  

And finally and most importantly……what happened to Ron Paul? 

Ron Paul has outdone every other candidate on the GOP ticket.  Support for Paul on both sides of the fictional left/right divide is monumental.  Yet not one cable network that aired this obviously fictional accounting of who was in the lead even mentioned, noted or alluded to the fact that Ron Paul was even in the race, much less that he was far and away the leader of the pack.

Here before me was one of the clearest indicators showing just how controlled these media outlets are; how willing they are to turn the cameras on and stare straight into them and …..lie.  The 3 minute or less snippet on Gingrich was immediately followed by news about the Giants….then another on how Michael Vick broke some ribs.  I know this only because I was sitting in stunned, paralyzed silence, unable to hit the “off” button on the remote. 

Newty Gingrich isn’t even a contender, unless of course we are considering going into the business of running brothels, internationally. 

At some point maybe Ron Paul will ditch the Republican party and run as an Independent.  If he were to do this, and if the electronic voting machines weren’t so easily rigged, it is quite possible that a true landslide election would occur.  Can’t you just imagine the “reporting” on these government controlled media outlets?  Maybe something like…….

“Good morning!  Newty Gingrich joins us to discuss the presidential election and the rumor is we have a new president but we didn’t get his name which isn’t a problem for our guest because he can’t remember his most recent wife’s name! (giggle giggle)…..  So Newty….what do you think about the Giants?”