John Boering /PPJ Contributor


I am not voting in the next presidential election. And, I don’t want to hear how if I don’t vote I have no right to complain about how things are or what some political puppet is doing that is unconstitutional, unlawful or just plain stupid.  Yes, I do have the right to complain: just as I have a right to refrain from contributing to this national charade we call “voting”.

I refuse to allow people to claim that I have only myself to blame if Evil-doer #1 (R) got elected and they think that I voted for the bum, and now he is breaking every campaign promise and doing exactly the opposite of what he said he would do, and now this is somehow my fault….my personal failing…..because the guy turns out to be a jerk. I voted for him (supposedly) so I have only myself to blame if I don’t’ like the way things are. I refuse to vote.  I can’t win.  We can’t win.

I don’t want to hear how our fore-fathers died in countless wars of aggression so that I could have the right to vote.  That’s not what they died for.  Voting was never what they died for unless voting has [.Inc] after it. (I guess it does)

I refuse to be made complicit in selecting the next New World Order flunky.  Not that my vote would count; our votes are not counted.  Diebold, Sequoia and other electronic voting machine manufacturers have seen to it that no matter how we, the public, fill out those ballots the machines magically produce the candidate selected for us prior to the election.  Electronic voting machine manufacturers were well paid for their uncompromising commitment to rigging elections.  After all, why leave anything to chance and leave open the possibility that the people’s choice might actually get elected.  That could really mess things up if we actually had a legitimate candidate that hadn’t been vetted and pre-approved by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberger’s, the Trilateral Commission and various shadowy figures that seem to slip in and out of the shadowy halls of government insisting on having their way.

And besides, we might be depriving those highly connected controllers of elections of the simple pleasure of watching us walk away from another election in a state of shock, knowing that the voting was decidedly in favor of one candidate and yet someone else “won”.

I am not willing to enter some voting booth and be forced to choose between Evil-doer # 1 (R) or Evil-doer #2 (D), even one more time.  Besides, if Evil-doer #1 (R) has already been decided on as our next dictator-in-waiting, I could stand there and fill ballots for Evil-doer #2 (D) all day long and the handy dandy electronic voting machine would convert my ballot choices to the pre-approved winner(s).  But the point is…..I refuse to be made complicit in my own destruction.  I refuse to be forced to decide between which version of Evil-doer I want to be in charge of trashing the constitution, and selling us off to foreign interests and multi-national corporations.  I refuse.

I am not about to participate in what amounts to a national day of deceit.  I will not join the ranks of those individuals who cling to the idea that being right or left, Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative means jack-didley-squat anywhere inside the sewer that is the District of Criminals on CRAPital Hill. (Wish I could take credit for those descriptive terms, but I can’t).  Inside the beltway is one big giant party dedicated to deconstructing the sovereign United States.  They aren’t left or right, Democrat or Republican except when there is a photo op or a camera close by….or when we engage in the national deceits that are our elections and they need to appear to be opposed to each other for affect.   Out of sight, they work together to destroy as much of what is left of us as a country, as quickly as possible.  I refuse to contribute to this.

We have allowed this two party system, complete with crooks, philanderer’s, liars, thieves, corruption, anti-American activities, phony religious panderers, New World Order supporters, UN promoters, North American Union facilitators, and in many cases….sexual perverts, to run roughshod over us.  Many of us have allowed ourselves to be convinced that we cannot tolerate a third or fourth party because it might ruin the chances of the pre-selected winner to actually “win” or to claim a land-slide.  That could actually be a good thing….but then there’s that little problem with those rigged voting machines.  Even so, a great deal of effort is expended by the Big 2 to denigrate, marginalize and render third or fourth party candidates pretty much persona non gratis at the voting booth.  Those who still mindlessly cling to this phony left v right paradigm wail endlessly at the prospect of a third party candidate supposedly derailing the vaulted candidate, possibly stealing victory from his/her clenched fists.  Oh!  The tragedy of it all!  Of course none of this would be possible without the cooperation of Lame Street Media.

The rest of you can, of course, do as you please.  If you feel like pulling those levers or blackening in those little ovals on a ballot and slipping that ballot into that rigged all means…do it.  Whether you vote or you don’t vote, no matter how that election turns out….its going to be all your fault anyway.  Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.  I prefer the “don’t”.  I don’t think I could take putting my name on another pointless ballot and knowing that I continued, simply by choosing to participate, to support or consent to the ongoing destruction of our country.

The only vote I could cast in good conscience is : NO CONFIDENCE.  Otherwise, I refuse to participate.